Future Education Promotion Organization Starts Entry for “SDGs Research AWARDS” for Junior High and High School Students | ICT Education News

On the 1st, the Future Education Promotion Organization (UMEDAI) started accepting entries for the “SDGs Inquiry AWARDS 2022” for junior high and high school students. The SDGs Inquiry AWARDS was established in 2019 with the desire to create a place where young people, who will lead the future, can see the world’s problems as “personal … Read more

Psychic VR Lab Provides XR Comprehensive Curriculum for Educational Institutions to Jikei Gakuen Group 9 Schools | ICT Education News

Psychic VR Lab, which provides the real metaverse platform “STYLY”, is offering an XR comprehensive curriculum “Creative Thinking by STYLY” for educational institutions that cultivates creative thinking skills at nine sister schools of the Jikei Gakuen Group, including Tokyo Communication Art College. The service started on November 4 for about 150 students at the school. … Read more

Sensor Tower Releases “2022 Global Education App Market Insights” Report | ICT Education News

On the 24th, Sensor Tower released a report “Global Education App Market Insights 2022” that introduces and analyzes the current state of mobile education apps around the world. According to it, the impact of COVID-19 has led to a significant increase in the number of downloads of educational apps (especially online educational apps) due to … Read more

English Education Seminar for Middle and High School Teachers “Cambridge Day Online Japan 2022” Held in October | ICT Education News

Cambridge University Press & Assessment Japan will hold an English education seminar “Cambridge Day Online Japan 2022” for middle and high school teachers on October 29th. The English class seminar Cambridge Day will be held again this year, with high evaluations from participating teachers and many repeaters from all over the country. All English classes, … Read more

North American Education eSports Federation Japan Headquarters Establishes NPO Corporation | ICT Education News

The North American Educational eSports Federation Japan Headquarters (NASEF JAPAN) announced on the 1st that it had established a specified non-profit organization (NPO) on August 1st, although it had been active as a voluntary organization until now. In November 2020, the organization established the philosophy of the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF), which operates … Read more

“TDX Radio” Teacher’s[Shift]File.083 Tsugaru Municipal Morita Elementary School Professor Masaaki Maeda (Part 1) released

On the 18th, TDX Radio released Teacher’s[Shift]File.083 “Tsugaru Municipal Morita Elementary School Professor Masaaki Maeda (Part 1)” that supports “new learning” and “teacher work style reform” utilizing educational ICT. .. In the first part, we will focus on how to utilize ICT in classes and school affairs of Professor Maeda, who has been certified by … Read more

iTeachers TV Vol.325 Wakayama University Faculty of Education Junior High School Mitsuhiro Yano (Part 1) released

On the 13th, iTeachers and iTeachers Academy released “Junior High School Science Class Using Four Tools (Part 1)” by Professor Mitsuhiro Yano, Junior High School attached to the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Introducing a science class using an AR / VR / 3D printer in the “earthquake” unit of the first grade of junior … Read more

Adobe Education Forum 2022 for faculty, staff and educators held in August | ICT Education News

Adobe is an event for faculty members such as elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, vocational schools, and other educators. “Adobe Education Forum 2022 DX of Education that Creates the Future-Power to Create New Value Creative Digital Literacy Ha ~ ”will be held online for 3 consecutive nights from August 2nd to 4th. … Read more

iTeachers TV Vol.323 Doshisha Junior High School Dr. Toshi Tada (Part 2)

On the 29th, iTeachers and iTeachers Academy released “Let’s make learning’#STEAM'(Part 2)” by Dr. Tsutomu Tanita of iTeachers TV Vol.323 Doshisha Junior High School. In the second part, based on the lesson practice cases introduced in the first part, I will talk about how the students’ consciousness changed from the results of the questionnaire. What … Read more