City Day – 2021: what events will be held in honor of the 291st anniversary of Barnaul

This year the celebration of the Day of the city of Barnaul is scheduled for Saturday, September 11. Due to the epidemiological situation, the authorities decided to abandon the traditional fireworks and concerts. But for the townspeople, exhibitions and expositions were nevertheless prepared at various venues in the city. Exhibitions and festivals Festive events in … Read more

Car news: Cupra Formentor or Lamborghini Urus for the people

The former sports Seat sub-brand, whose name is an abbreviation of Cup Racing, became a separate car brand two years ago. The Formentor is taller and lower than the Cupra Ateca, but still slightly higher than the usual Leon. The temperature of the two-liter turbocharged engine and the whole machine can be influenced by pressing … Read more

The EU condemns AstraZeneca for delays in vaccine deliveries

EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kirjakidu said Brussels wanted to know what doses AstraZeneca had produced so far and where they had been delivered, and if so, to whom. AstraZeneca has warned that deliveries of Covid-19 vaccine to the European Union will be delayed due to declining production. However, Kirjakidu stated that AstraZeneca’s … Read more

airBaltic has set up a maintenance training organization

The maintenance training organization will be divided into two categories, providing basic training for professionals with no previous experience in the aviation industry, as well as training focusing on Airbus A220 maintenance. airBaltic representatives said that the first two groups of students will start the introductory training course in early February. There will be about … Read more

The second “Burger King” restaurant has been opened in Riga

The new restaurant is located at Vienibas gatve 113. Given that all the Baltic states are still facing the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, burger lovers are encouraged to buy Burger King dishes at the on-site restaurant or order them at home. “We are pleased to have been able to open the second Burger King … Read more

The Alfa shopping center will be open for an hour less

Although the opening hours of the shopping center will be reduced by one hour, some outlets and service providers will not change the opening hours – the grocery store “Rimi” will be available every day from 8 am to 11 pm, the sports club “My Fitness” – from .6.30 to 23:00, on Fridays until 22:00, … Read more

Automatic gearboxes and gears: why the optimum number is eight

It all started a hundred years ago The origins of the automatic transmission can be traced back to about a century ago, when the first patent was registered in 1921 by the Canadian engineer Alfred Horner Munro. He had intended that the gears in the transmission could be locked using compressed air, but in practice … Read more

PHOTO: Islamic Rebecca Koha shows her happy daily life with her beloved Moaz

Koha wrote on her Instagram account on Sunday that a new and beautiful chapter in her life can now begin. The main reason for the change of faith was the relationship with his fiancé, the Qatari discus thrower Moaz Mohamed Ibrahim. It is with him that the Latvian athlete spends the last days of his … Read more

Electric car comparison: which car has the best value for money?

At the moment, the question is how to choose the best electric car currently available in Latvia? The answer lies in a comparison that highlights the advantages of one car or the disadvantages of another. The contrast included in the article includes ten new electric cars that are already available or will soon be available … Read more

The sexy old man Richard Leper has become a married man

The fact that she is now married has also been made clear by Krista Paula, who has changed her surname on social networks and can now be found as Lepere. And in Instagram’s short video stories on Richard’s profile, for example, Krista Paula enlightened, we watch on the phone the video of the first couple’s … Read more