Recipe: Frappe with antioxidant and relaxing properties

Pamela Bernal, better known as La Naturista, shared with Sabrosía a recipe to make a refreshing frappe with antioxidant and relaxing properties. Ingredients: 1 small country patch 6 frozen organic strawberries 2 teaspoons coconut sugar (do not use sugar if you are on Detox) 1 drop of food grade lavender essential oil (Wisdom of Earth) … Read more

The benefits of cold hibiscus are incomparable in the summer

Many people resort to eating cold hibiscus in the summer due to its great health benefits, purple color and delicious taste.Discover with Dr. Cynthia El Hajj, a nutritionist and nutritionist, the benefits of cold hibiscus in the following topic: Dr. Cynthia Hajj Cold hibiscus benefits and high blood pressureضغط – A scientific study found that … Read more

Recipe: Pizza Rolls | Sabrosia Puerto Rico

Receta to prepare Hawaiian pizza rolls The mixture of flavors and textures of cheese, bacon and pineapple gives us a surprising and delicious result. Ingredients for four people 1 package of pizza dough (better if it is rectangular and thin) 200 grams of grated cheese (ideally a mixture of cheeses, for example mozzarella, cheddar, samsoe … Read more

Zoom Koom: the recipe for Burkina Faso’s ‘welcome drink’ based on ginger and millet

Zoom means flour, koom means water. United they form the Zoom Join, also called ZomKom or ZomKoum, literally “flour water“. Welcome drink dei Mossi, native population of Burkina Faso, spread throughout the country. It is prepared for every good occasion, including great ceremonies such as weddings. Sweet but also spicy, it has a unique and … Read more

Kombucha tea: discover what are the benefits of this drink and how to prepare it

The of kombucha It is a drink that has gained popularity in recent years, throughout social networks we have seen hundreds praise this yeast for their beneficial properties health and its particular flavor but, you know exactly how the of kombucha and how you can take advantage of it to improve your health, here we … Read more

Recipe: Salmon in Tamarind and Ginger Sauce

I recommend consuming wild salmon in your daily diet. The difference between the wild and the cultivated would be; the wild feed on other fish and the cultivated feed on leftovers and antibiotics. This fish is rich in omega 3, low in saturated fat and rich in protein, its strong orange color is perfect to … Read more

Recipe: Beer Chicken Fricassee

Marinated 6 pieces of chicken (4 hips and 2 breasts recommended), 2 to 2 ½ poundsAbout 1 ½ teaspoon sea salt2 garlic cloves finely sliced½ bottle of beer¼ cup olive oil Season the chicken on both sides with the teaspoon and a half of salt and massage it a little so that the salt penetrates. … Read more

Bubble Tea – the trendy drink is back

Around 2010, the bubble tea shops in German city centers shot up like mushrooms, but quickly disappeared from the scene again. But now the cult drink is back! Because in the social media, especially on TikTok, the bubble tea is celebrating its comeback. K-Pop and the growing influence of Asian pop culture in Germany do … Read more

Recipe: Homemade Platanutres

Platanutres or banana chips are ideal to accompany dishes, beers or even a snack when watching a movie. Preparing the chips does not cost much; as they contain few ingredients and the process is fast. This is an example of a short but tasty recipe. Let’s do it! Ingredients: green bananas oil for frying salt … Read more