Announcements from education and science – process optimization in the hospital: A strategy for more time through less waste, German Society for Workflow Management in Health Care (DGWMiG) eV, press release

The social psychologist Kurt Lewin once wrote: “There is nothing more practical than a good theory.“ We are also convinced of that. Because only those who have dealt with all the possibilities of workflow management can evaluate which of them fit into everyday life and are promising. We have compiled our research results from working … Read more

Receive funding with the Deutschlandstipendium

Bachelor’s and master’s students who are enrolled at the DHfPG until at least September 2023 can now apply for a Germany scholarship at StudienStiftungSaar. In the winter semester 2022/23, those receiving funding will receive 300 euros per month for one year. In addition to good grades, social commitment and special personal circumstances are also taken … Read more

Digital education requires short distances and staying power

The digitization of education offers material for discussions. Both parents and representatives of politics, education, business and the media world unanimously state that there have been omissions for decades. We now have to catch up on this – but we have to do it the right way. The plan to digitize German school education is … Read more

Guide to Vocational Education

After almost three years, the Commission of Inquiry “Vocational Education in the Digital World of Work” has completed its work. She is now presenting her final report. Members of the Bundestag, experts from business, vocational schools, science, chambers and trade unions examined the future perspectives of vocational training and further education and show how vocational … Read more

Communications from education and science – keep an eye on understaffing in clinics, German Society for Workflow Management in Health Care (DGWMiG) eV, press release

The pandemic in particular has shown that the staff shortage a big problem is which one not reduced in the future by demographic change. Nursing and medical staff are often understaffed and it is difficult to find substitutes in the event of spontaneous absences. Processes often come to a standstillas the following practical example shows: … Read more

Fair with a focus on digital education

pts20220514002 education/career, technology/digitization Pedagogical University of Lower Austria co-designs the educational program of the “Interpädagogica” trade fair Vienna/Baden (pts002/05/14/2022/13:35) – Opening speaker Rector Erwin Rauscher on the question of whether the digital school can move mountains: “Digital education is not about moving mountains, but about climbing mountains. And that requires a hunger for discovery.” Around … Read more

What education needs today in order to survive tomorrow / trend-setting compendium from …

10.05.2022 – 10:14 Digital Education Network Rastatt Education lays the basis for social and economic development and social participation. Our entire living and working environment is influenced by digitization. Digital education is a must so that we, as responsible, creative citizens, can continue to help shape society in all its dimensions. How future generations are … Read more

Messages from education and science – systematically reducing weak points in clinics, German Society for Workflow Management in Health Care (DGWMiG) eV, press release

Many errors in everyday clinical practice affect the processes. It often happens time delays through unnecessary activities. this leads to Stress as Frustration among the employees, which in turn affects the working atmosphere and also health risks for patients can result in: “After the operation on the patient Mr. Kunze, the nurse Ms. Kernig wants … Read more

Messages from education and science – avoid waste in the clinic, German Society for Workflow Management in the Health Care System (DGWMiG) eV, press release

Patients expect services that theirs care serve and are of direct benefit to them: alleviate pain, support personal hygiene, provide treatment information. So services that value adding are. Not all activities are of benefit to the patient. If such an added value is not available, we speak of waste. Even supposedly small mistakes often lead … Read more

Digital education…at the expense of the students and teachers, AixConcept GmbH, press release

The state is increasingly pushing into digital education as a provider. In a current statement, the Didacta Association of the Education Industry expresses concern that the federal government and individual federal states are unfairly affecting the market and its dynamics with tax-financed IT solutions for schools – and thus weakening the medium-sized education and digital … Read more