Digital education…at the expense of the students and teachers, AixConcept GmbH, press release

The state is increasingly pushing into digital education as a provider. In a current statement, the Didacta Association of the Education Industry expresses concern that the federal government and individual federal states are unfairly affecting the market and its dynamics with tax-financed IT solutions for schools – and thus weakening the medium-sized education and digital … Read more

The digital marketing agency Mr. Potato, great winner of the SaludFestival 2020

Mr. Potato, the digital marketing agency, has participated for the first time in the SaludFestival and has obtained five awards and recognition for the Agency with the best creativity SaludFestival 2020. Specifically, Mr. Potato has won the following awards: the award for better creativity on Spot Web; from Bodegas Beronia, better creativity in graphic piece; … Read more