Concerts with Klaus the violinist and Marius Peters in Gelderland.

August 2, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Concerts in Gelderland : Devil violinist and jazz guitarist The unusual duo can be heard at two concerts in Kerken and Geldern. Photo: Spütz Churches/Geldern After the forced Corona break, the two Cologne artists Klaus, the violinist, and Marius Peters appear as part of their tour in Kerken and … Read more

Musical “DEVIL” Japan preview concert will be held with Akinori Nakagawa and others

Click here for a list of images The Japan preview concert of Musical “DEVIL”, which has gained enthusiastic support in Korea, will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater West from September 18th (Sat) to 26th (Sun). Musical “DEVIL” is based on Goethe’s “Faust” by Lee Jina, a leading figure in the Korean musical … Read more

a video of spectators “possessed” in front of the film goes viral

Spectators possessed during a screening of Conjuring 3 Under the Devil ? This is what a video shot in Jakarta that went viral on Tik Tok makes it appear. A tik tok user shared a video of allegedly possessed viewers during a Conjuring 3 screening in Jakarta. The post went viral before being picked up … Read more

It’s Yannick Carrasco’s turn to be summoned by Pablo Andres: the Red Devil faces the comedian in a crazy date (video)

After Romelu Lukaku, Pablo Andres summoned Yannick Carrasco to the Tubize training center. L‘comedian made a tactical point with Yannick Carrasco, a few days before the kickoff of the Euro. Once again, the date is completely wacky. Pablo Andres asks the winger of Spanish and Portuguese origins to prove that he is indeed Belgian by … Read more

De Bruyne’s sharp eye, Lukaku’s muscles, Eden’s flexibility… Here is Marcel Javaux’s ideal red devil (video)

But what could the ideal Red Devil look like? On the basis of 15 specific criteria, Marcel Javaux, ex-arbitrator and ex-consultant in the program “La Tribune” delivers his opinion. 1. The best right foot? Timothy Castagne. He is an extraordinary guy who has a lot of qualities. I’m sure his career will not end where … Read more

Walloon and Brussels horeca say no to rapid tests: “We will not sell our soul to the devil”

No to rapid tests and the vaccine passport: the message from the Brussels and Walloon catering industry is clear, while discussions are underway with health experts to supervise the reopening of the sector on May 1. Ne will not sell our soul to the devil! The Covid-19 can in no way alter our primary and … Read more

Devil Toys x Quiccs TEQ63 6-inch action figure set_motorcycle

Original title: Devil Toys x Quiccs TEQ63 6-inch action figure set “TEQ63” action figure OG black version of the new 1:12 scale Bulletpunk universe-OG black returns! Devil Toys x Quiccs TEQ63 action figure returns to the Bulletpunk universe in a 1:12 scale! This series was originally released in 2016 at a 12-inch 1:6 scale. Today, … Read more