Business and education

In the midst of so much political disagreement, debates with friends, colleagues and family end up concluding that what is needed in Colombia is more education. Education is usually salvation, the point of convergence and the proposal with the greatest acceptance. And, although this consensus is undoubtedly a great historical advance, if we go on … Read more

VDNKh celebrates its 82nd anniversary / City news / Moscow website

This year the main exhibition of the country turns 82 years old. A festive program dedicated to the birthday of VDNKh will take place on July 31 and August 1. Excursions and intellectual games, concerts and sports activities, master classes and performances await guests. Demonstration performances of motorcyclists and races of retro cars will be … Read more

Musical instruments are purchased for art schools in Yakutia and Komi

About nine thousand people live in the urban-type settlement Nizhniy Odes near Ukhta (Komi Republic). The local children have one of the main centers of attraction – the children’s art school. New instruments within the framework of the Kultura national project were acquired by the Children’s Art School No. 2 of Yakutsk. It’s a pleasure … Read more

After the concert was canceled: Helge Schneider cancels five concerts

Mülheim. The Mülheim musician Helge Schneider cancels five concerts. He had previously canceled a performance at the Strandkorb Open Air in Augsburg. After canceling a concert in Augsburg last Friday, the Mülheim comedian and musician Helge Schneider also canceled the five other concerts as part of the beach chair open-air tour. This is reported by … Read more

How Usingen protects itself from hacker attacks

Tuesday, 27.07.2021 – 06:40 4 min In order to be better protected against hacker attacks, the cities of Usingen and Neu-Anspach are handing their systems into the hands of Ekom21. Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. You get instant access to all of … Read more

Persistent teacher shortage in sub-Saharan Africa jeopardizes education recovery

New forecasts released on July 21 reveal that better and more investment is needed in teachers and education to enable African children and youth to access quality education. Sub-Saharan Africa needs 11 million more teachers to ensure quality education for all learners, according to new calculations. To meet the education goals by 2030, the region … Read more

“We are an education to make radical changes, the antithesis of a normal university”

From August 17 to 20, the third edition of the Singularity Digital Summit will take place. The event created by Singularity University, a Silicon Valley institution that will have the ‘Convergence’ as its main axis and will have the participation of 25 speakers, covering topics such as the future of food and industries 4.0. Claudia Aparicio, the director of Singularity U. Colombia tells details of the event proposal.

Who is it for?
Our main audience are decision makers who can be founders of companies, 60% of those who attend have that profile and the rest are in charge of areas of innovation or strategy, and entrepreneurs.

How is Singularity different from other universities?
In the aim, educate leaders in exponential technologies as the best vehicle to solve the great challenges of humanity, such as the problem of global warming, education, health; a traditional university is conceived as a knowledge tank for employability. In the method, we are the antithesis of a normal university, we believe that people in a short time could receive an education to make radical changes.

What are exponential technologies?
They are those that double their processing capacity between 18 and 24 months; robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, gene editing. If a solution to solve a great challenge is not accompanied by this technology, it is not viable.

What are the requirements to study at Singularity?
Demonstrate the ability to lead a great transformation, what the university seeks is to promote diversity, some (students) are pure geeks, others are science people, others understand the great challenges very well.

What kind of projects were born from Singularity?
The 0-gravity 3D printer in space, the company that delivers medical devices via drones; projects with a super big ambition, we tell people, “don’t do a project that has an exponential technology that doesn’t seek to solve a problem of at least 10 million people.”

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Bad Wildbad: Belcanto scholarship for Meagan Sill – Bad Wildbad & surroundings

Meagan Sill received the first Inge Borkh grant from director Jochen Schönleber. Photo: Bechtle Photo: Schwarzwälder Bote Culture: Awards at the “Rossini in Wildbad” festival / award also for Raúl Giménez Jochen Schönleber, artistic director and artistic director of this year’s Rossini Festival, was able to catch up with two honors at the forest concert … Read more

Summer with strong UV rays… Beware of cataracts

It is the season when the ultraviolet rays are strong along with the sweltering heat with the midday temperature exceeding 30 degrees. Strong UV rays can have a number of adverse effects on our eyes. It can cause cataracts that can lead to blindness or even exacerbate existing cataracts. When the eye is directly exposed … Read more

A striking take on Arthurian legend

Rich with atmosphere and metaphor, propelled by a soundtrack of hollow strums and whispering strings, David Lowery’s The Green Knight is a kind of artisanal fantasy epic, whittling Arthurian legend into the rough shape of one of distributor A24’s arty horror mood pieces. Over two-plus hours, the film never stops dazzling the viewer with mythic … Read more