Sour! The coverage rate of these college scholarships is 100%! –

Some friends said that some college scholarships are not for everyone~ Today, the editor will give you a popular science on the types of scholarships, and at the same time list some colleges and universities with a scholarship coverage rate of 100%. Let’s see if there is your target college! 01 National Scholarship The postgraduate … Read more

The period of work for scholarship holders “Bolashak” has been changed » Turan times

Starting from 2023, the period of compulsory labor work has been reduced by one year for scholarship holders of the Bolashak program who have a grant for academic study from a foreign university, employer or organization, the press service of the Center for International Programs reports, reports. “This year, the rules for selecting candidates … Read more

Notice on Open Registration for Blended Learning MIT Official Course Program in Spring 2023

1. Project information 1. Project overview: Blended Learning is currently one of MIT’s most cutting-edge large-scale official course projects for college students around the world. It is led by MIT xPRO, the official learning platform of MIT Open Learning (school-level department), and is taught by more than 100 professors, researchers, and industry experts. The team … Read more

The photojournalists who cover concerts are planted before the “abuses” of the artists

The moat is the border. A gap that separates the artist from the public from him at concerts. Sometimes that security space is violated, both on one side and the other, but during the first songs, the moat – a name that makes one think of a castle, water and crocodiles – is the workplace … Read more

Case For Samsung Galaxy S21 FE / S21FE Animal Tiger Black

Acquiring this Samsung Galaxy S21 FE / S21FE was a real pleasure for you! And you don’t want to ruin it at all… Only… Statistics show that one in 10 telephones has some setbacks during its first year, and that it is irreparably damaged… In addition to the damage caused by the liquids, the most … Read more

American mule deer with trash can lids around necks eventually removed | Necklace | Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, July 21, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun reported) A mule deer in Idaho, USA, has a metal trash can lid around its neck, like an alternative necklace. With the help of the state’s wildlife department, the mule deer’s trash can lid has been removed, reducing the burden. According to a report … Read more