Concerts in the historical legal protection hall in wayside shrine

November 25, 2021 at 12:31 pm Start on Sunday : Chansons and jazz in the legal protection room in wayside shrine The singer Eskelina has already released three albums. Foto: Eric Vernazobres Wayside shrine Born in Sweden, lives in France – the singer Eskelina is one of the young hopes in the field of chanson. … Read more

Rockers played enough in Tambov – Kommersant Voronezh

The three-day open-air rock festival Chernozem, which has been held near Tambov since 2015, after moving to Voronezh and passing under the control of the Hamina Group of Companies, intends to increase the budget and audience. The estimate for the open-air in 2021 is about 100 million rubles. instead of 50 million rubles. last year, … Read more

Silent scene – Newspaper Kommersant No. 238 (6959) from 25.12.2020

In 2020, the concert industry turned out to be one of the most affected markets in Russia. Its largest participants estimate losses at hundreds of millions of rubles. They had to respond to the losses with massive layoffs, which reached 50-70% of the staff at the end of the year, and new formats like online … Read more