Video: They attack a fan at a Grupo Firme concert

Grupo Firme continues to be the sensation for the great success they are obtaining in each of their songs, but above all, for filling each of the concerts they have given after living more than a year on hiatus due to the pandemic. Despite the fact that in all their presentations they have declared ‘Sold … Read more

Recipe for apple roses and puff pastry | VIDEO

Believe it or not, the apple is native to Central Asia, but now it is a fruit that is grown in many regions and countries around the world. Only in Peru is a great variety grown and any of them is beneficial for people’s health. Doctors and nutritionists assure that consuming an apple daily helps … Read more

Pandemic surprised teachers without social networks – El Sol de Zamora

Morelia, Michoacán- (OEM-Infomex) .- The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred more than a year ago, brought with it obstacles to teaching and therefore the learning of its students. By having to teach classes virtually using new technologies, teachers had to generate reflection processes and propose alternatives in the new teaching-learning modality. The issue of education in … Read more

End of the culture lockdown – now comes the culture outdoors – BZ Berlin

Dirk Krampitz Outdoor events are allowed again next week. BZ asked around to see what’s up … May has come, the theaters are going out. The culture lockdown has come to an end. The theaters have been closed since November, and in view of the falling incidence figures, the Senate will again allow open-air culture … Read more

Towards a 3rd dose of vaccine against Covid-19 in December? “A booster to strengthen immunity”, says the head of the working group on vaccination

By next December, Belgian citizens should receive a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Experts from the Vaccination Task Force are preparing the details of this immunity boost. It could be injected by general practitioners and not intended for everyone. Explanations. A third dose intended to boost the immunity of the first series of vaccines … Read more

Animal shelters in the pandemic: “Interested parties almost fight” – Palatinate

Pets provide variety when people are annoyed in the home office. Dog puppies and kittens are very popular. Many animal shelters in the Palatinate can hardly save themselves from inquiries in the pandemic, but warn against hasty adoption decisions. What annoys some animal rights activists is a new tone. usn rzu tgsa arBaarb z, aMt … Read more

Vaccination without appointment | “It looked like a concert ticket sale”

The new wave of walk-in vaccination undertaken 48 hours ago at the Palais des congrès is intended to be a huge success in general, particularly among young people. In conversation with host Bernard Drainville, Jean Nicolas Aubé, spokesperson for the CIUSS Center-Sud de l’Île-de-Montréal, puts things in perspective. “We started the walk-in vaccination yesterday. We … Read more

Dog: Woman puts a healthy animal to sleep – “How sick do you have to be?”

Dog: Influencer puts her pet to sleep shortly after the photo shoot – the reactions are extreme An influencer had her perfectly healthy dog ​​euthanized. (Symbol photo) Foto: IMAGO / agefotostock Influencers are often criticized. With their often very private insights, they offer many people a good target for negative comments. So did Dan and Nikki … Read more

Coronavirus | Colombia exceeds 80,000 deaths from COVID-19 in full social outbreak

Colombia reported this Friday 490 deaths from the COVID-19, thus accumulating 80,250 deaths due to the pandemic that seems to have no roof in a country immersed in a social outbreak in which thousands of people demand from the Government better policies in health, education and job opportunities. Likewise, the health authorities reported 16,581 new … Read more

How culture surrendered to the economy |

Status: May 14, 2021 6:11 p.m. Economy and culture go hand in hand – that’s how it works. But sometimes it is not a permanent state, and the friendly handing out of some companies turns out to be an ambivalent matter in a crisis. Listen to the post 11 Min by Martin Chechne Just so … Read more