Ludivine Reding reveals an adorable video with her lover and her dog

PAR E. DEMERS The beautiful Ludivine Redding seems to be having a good time! Indeed, she made her subscribers on Instagram very happy by posting an adorable video stuck in bed with her lover with whom she has been in a relationship for two years, Antoine Bibeau Laforce, and her dog. We can also see in … Read more

Your pet’s name says a lot about… your food preferences!

It is often said that dogs are a reflection of their owner’s personality. Whether it’s verified or not, his name can at least indicate the latter’s all-consuming passion for everything that is eaten or drunk. According to the international platform, which has won over pet owners since 2011 by putting them in contact with … Read more

Our pet? A member of the family for many of us

Credit: Illustration Unsplash Woufbox, a subsidiary of AwesomePetCo, carried out a study on the relationship of the French with their pets. Many of them consider their animal as a member of the family, even as a child. Woufbox, a brand of the AwesomePetCo group which offers pet boxes, is behind this survey of 1,002 people … Read more

Here’s why you should avoid repeating these TikTok challenges with your pets

The videos are sometimes funny and often very popular, but beware, some challenges on TikTok go against animal welfare. Have fun barking at your dog Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Dogs do it by barking. Barking reflects a variety of feelings and situations that our four-legged friends face on a daily basis. … Read more

Bringing your pet to the office: here’s why you shouldn’t hesitate any longer!

This is a common practice in the United States or Canada, but much less so in France. However, several studies have shown that bringing your pet to the office can improve the atmosphere in the open space, boost productivity and reduce employee stress. Enough to convince your employer if you dream that your faithful four-legged … Read more

Drama in Australia: a kangaroo kept as a pet kills its master

Par Sudinfo with AFP | Published on 09/13/2022 at 09:29 A wild kangaroo is suspected of killing a 77-year-old man who kept it as a pet, Australian police said on Tuesday. This would be the marsupial’s first fatal attack in 86 years. The man, who has not been identified, was found on a late Sunday … Read more

Permit to keep a pet: here’s how to proceed in the Center

Par Cedric Lobelle | Published on 1/07/2022 at 20:02 Since this Friday, July 1, you must present an extract from the central file of environmental crime and animal welfare to acquire a new pet. Valid for one month, it is issued by the municipal authorities. *** **** ********** ******** ******* *** ***** ******* **** *** … Read more