DDT concert postponed indefinitely in St. Petersburg

Concerts of the rock group DDT, whose permanent leader is Yuri Shevchuk, in St. Petersburg and Moscow have been postponed indefinitely. The organizers note that such decisions were made for reasons beyond their control or the band’s musicians. Previously, the concerts of the DDT group were rescheduled in Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Orenburg. It is known that … Read more

Students who actively signal about politically irresponsible classmates will be awarded special scholarships

03/21/2023, 15:33, Miscellaneous Subscribe to Telegram channel Subscribe to Google News Support on Patreon Students who actively cooperate with the administration and signal about ideologically irresponsible comrades will, in a few months, begin to assign special, nominal scholarships in the amount of up to 15 thousand rubles. It is planned that money for this purpose … Read more

A dog strangled a rabid fox: details of the state of emergency in the village of Oltar, Novosibirsk Region

Quarantine due to a rabid fox was introduced in the village of Oltar, Novosibirsk Region. The animal was immediately euthanized, but the risk of spreading infection cannot be ruled out. Emergency measures are being taken. Imangali Mukhamedchanov, head of the veterinary department of the Chistoozerny district, shared the details of the incident. “Now in nature … Read more

The government has established scholarships for museum students

Photo: Government of the Russian Federation Candidates for monthly remuneration will be nominated by academic councils of universities. In 2023, Russia will begin to assign personal student scholarships named after Irina Antonova – an outstanding art scientist who made a great contribution to the development of Russian culture and museum work. Scholarships will be awarded … Read more

“Stove heating of houses makes the greatest contribution to the formation of smog”

At the informal urban event “Shaarkana”, experts spoke about such a priority measure in the fight against smog as the insulation of houses, and discussed the mechanisms for stimulating insulation from the state. This was reported by the press service of the eco-organization MoveGreen. According to her, the UNDP / UNEP study in the Kyrgyz … Read more

Scholarships named after Irina Antonova will appear in Russia

© Timur Khanov/PG By presidential decree, personal student scholarships named after Irina Antonova, an art historian who has made a significant contribution to the development of Russian culture and museum work, will appear in Russia. This was reported on the website of the Government. From September 1 this year, scholarships will be awarded annually for … Read more

Singer MakSim canceled a concert in Sochi due to a sudden illness

As “DP” wrote, in June 2021, the singer MakSim was hospitalized with a coronavirus in serious condition. A week later, the doctors had to put the artist into a medical sleep, put her on a ventilator, and then on ECMO, which is used in case of acute respiratory failure. The lungs of the 38-year-old artist … Read more

Dog Nita led the police to a bag with stolen tools

A local resident turned to the Abakan police: in the daytime, a power tool was stolen from the country house of SNT Podsine by breaking the locks of the front door. A chainsaw, a welding machine, a drill, a screwdriver and other tools have disappeared. The total damage amounted to about 25 thousand rubles, according … Read more

Where to call if you meet an angry dog ​​on the street in the suburbs

In the Moscow region, a hotline continues to operate, to which you can report stray animals. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the region. You can report a stray dog: – through the Dobrodel portal; – by phone hotline (24/7): 8 (800) 550-65-22. What will happen … Read more

Little Big and Grebenshchikov* made statements

Concerts of Little Big and musician Boris Grebenshchikov* have been canceled on the Indonesian island of Bali. In March, the planned concerts of Little Big and Grebenshchikov * in Bali will not take place. The performers in their social networks announced the cancellation of performances. It was planned that the fugitives would be able to … Read more