Recipe: Fish tacos breaded with cod dough

Fish tacos are a native dish from the Port of Ensenada in Baja California Mexico. This type of taco began to be prepared in the 1970s. It was mainly prepared by grilling the fish until consumers began to ask for the fried fish. The meat used is that of a shark known as Angelito, which … Read more

Recipe to prepare roasted chata head with herbs and mustard

19 Sep 2021 – 2:00 a. m. I like to marinate the meat like my mother did, with mustard, salt, pepper and herbs, and then cook it accompanied with a mirepoix of classic French cuisine: onion, carrot, celery, leek and garlic. One of my favorite cuts of beef is the highest part of the chata, … Read more

Recipe: Japanese Almond Cookies

If something cannot be missing from kitchen cabinets, it is cookies. There are a wide variety of recipes to make cookies of different flavors and preparing them as a family is a good pastime. This time we will show you what you need to create some Japanese-style almond cookies. Almonds are good for the heart, … Read more

Recipe to prepare spiced rice with ground beef and fried eggplant

12 Sep 2021 – 2:00 a. m. We are going to make this recipe with the Fibra de Castellano variety, a rice that requires two and a half parts of water for each part of rice, unlike the traditional white, in which one and one is used. I am a self-confessed rice lover, and that … Read more

Recipes with seasonal products to cook in September

It is not that in summer we have abandoned the kitchen, but it is true that September and the return to the routine mark a new starting gun to organize menus, cook more and maybe even eat a little better. To get it, nothing like take a look at the seasonal products on the market … Read more

Instant ramen: A delicious and viral recipe that you can make at home

Social media has popularized a number of sweet and savory recipes in recent times. Each of them have a special meaning and that is that they are delicious and very easy to prepare at home. For this reason, instant Ramen could not be left out, since in addition to being widely consumed by those who … Read more

The best recipes with fruits from El Comidista

At El Comidista we spend the year waiting for summer, and not because we want to be with our feet in the sand or sunbathing on any of the wonderful beaches on the Spanish coast. What we like about summer is, without a doubt, that the fruit fan opens in its maximum splendor and lets … Read more