Yuka x “The Hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Theatrical Version” Collaboration MV Lifted –Movie Information Dotkomu

Dean Fujioka x Takanori Iwata Based on the world-famous detective novel “Sherlock Holmes” series, Dean Fujioka’s Homare Shio and Iwata Takanori’s Wakamiya Junichi are the one and only names. “Sherlock”, which was broadcast in the Fuji TV drama frame, is made into a movie, which solves many difficult cases as a detective buddy.With the motif … Read more

Yoshihide Otomo, Yukihiro Goto Live & Unvoiced “Frenzy” “Inu-Oh” Cheer Screening –Movie Information Dotkomu

“Inuou” unvoiced “madness” cheering screening Theatrical animation “Inu-Oh” directed by Masaaki Yuasa is being screened from May 28th (Sat). Creators who are always expected to make new works such as Masaaki Yuasa (Director) x Akiko Nogi (Screenplay) x Taiyo Matsumoto (Character draft) x Yoshihide Otomo (Music) gathered and were born from the unknown pop star[Inu-Oh]in … Read more

Frank Oz The Phenomenon

Jazz concerts A photo: Zohar Ron Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes Organizer: Club Shabulul – list of views Opening of the club Shablul at 19:00. Attention! Customers must arrive by the opening time of the club. Frank Oz is a singer-actor with a powerful operatic voice, magnetic stage presence and incredible style. The new show … Read more