Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka x Adventure World Afternoon Tea, Panda and Penguin Sweets, etc.-Fashion Press

A collaboration afternoon tea “Smile Afternoon Tea -Adventure World x Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka-” by Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka and the theme park “Adventure World” in Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture is now available. It will be offered at the restaurant & lounge “eu” at Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka from July 1st (Friday) to August 31st … Read more

They ask for collaboration to locate the owner of a dog with symptoms of abuse

A dog with clear symptoms of abuse and anemia was located on April 29 tied to the doors of a supermarket on Just Ramírez street in València. The protector Modepran has requested the citizen collaboration in case they recognize the animal and thus try to locate its owner. The animal, of the American Stanford breed, … Read more

Pizza-La to sell “pizza for dogs”, topping and home delivery service like popular pizza “Teriyaki chicken” is also accepted –Fashion Press

Dog pizza “Wanko Pizza Teriyaki Chicken” is now available at the PIZZA-LA store. It will be sold only at 60 stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba. Pizza-La’s popular menu “Teriyaki chicken” style “Komifu Deli”, a food that pet dogs and their owners can enjoy together, and Pizza-La, a popular pizza shop, have collaborated. The … Read more

Deku and his friends have a work experience at the zoo! “Hiroaka x Tobu Zoo” collaboration event will be held from May 28th –GAME Watch

(The image is from the official Twitter of the TV anime “My Hero Academia”) Tobu Leisure Planning will hold a collaboration event with the TV anime “My Hero Academia” from May 28th to August 31st at “Tobu Zoo” (Miyashiro Town, Saitama Prefecture) operated by the company. This was revealed in the mini corner “My Hero … Read more

Quick look | Tencent Music launches virtual music world product TMELAND_元象_aspect_Luminn

Original Title: Quick Look | Tencent Music Launches TMELAND, a Virtual Music World Product Source: Tencent Music Reporter | Cui Peng On December 24, Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) announced today that it will officially launch TMELAND, the first virtual music carnival in China, and has launched an online reservation page on platforms such as … Read more

15th Anniversary Concert Commemoration Yokohama-raised artist Motohiro Hata supports Yokohama! In Chinatown! At the hotel! With sweets! Collaboration! !! !!

Conducted sequentially from Saturday, November 6th Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau, Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau, will commemorate the “Hata Motohiro 15th Anniversary LIVE” to be held at Yokohama Arena on November 9th (Tuesday) and 10th (Wednesday). , In collaboration with Ariake Yokohama Harbor, we will carry out a collaboration project with artist Motohiro Hata, … Read more

Chiba Prefecture × Father Rice Daddy Cooking Easy Menu Idea Contest Looking for Cooking Ideas! | News from the city | Ichihara Citizens’ Activity Group Website

Chiba Prefecture × Father Rice Daddy Cooking Easy Menu Idea Contest Looking for Cooking Ideas! | News from the city | Ichihara Citizens’ Activity Group Website home>Notification>Chiba Prefecture × Father Rice Daddy Cooking Easy Menu Idea Contest Looking for Cooking Ideas! Update day: September 15, 2021 In order to realize a gender-equal society, Chiba Prefecture … Read more

New Horizons. Puma and Nintendo announce collaboration

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 26.08.2021 14:20:44 Puma is not surprised with their collaborations. Previously, he had dazzled lovers of Nintendo with an incredible range of the most iconic Super Mario Bros games in third dimension; Now, the German sportswear company will venture out with a collection of ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’. Through his official … Read more

Knappschaft Kliniken are helping ten nursing students with scholarships

In cooperation with the Bochum University of Health – application possible until July 31st Nursing courses are in crisis in many places and are struggling with falling numbers of applicants. One reason for this is that the students are no longer remunerated for their numerous practical assignments. This is where the Knappschaft clinics come in … Read more