Concert for clarinet and organ in Geldern

Ludger Morck, born in 1962, began playing the piano at the age of seven. He played the organ for the first time at the age of 13 and was fascinated by this instrument from then on. After an initial desire to become an organ builder, after working intensively as an organist in St. Klara Duisburg-Kaldenhausen … Read more

New Year’s concert with clarinet, guitar and percussion | Kashiwa City Hall

A “New Year’s concert with clarinet, guitar, and percussion” will be held at a cafe in the city, which is a familiar place for citizens.On the day of the performance, we will also have a musical instrument experience after the performance.Let’s all enjoy music together at the beginning of the new year. 〇 Request for … Read more

French music from Detmold can be heard in the WDR 3 campus concert | culture current

Detmold. Under the title “Soirée française”, two extraordinarily talented chamber music duos will present themselves to the audience in the concert hall of the Detmold University of Music on Wednesday, October 5th. Manaka Taniguchi (clarinet), Sung Won Lee (piano), Tobias Reikow (bassoon) and Rafael Klepsch (piano) represent the university in an edition of the WDR … Read more