10 young IT and media specialists became scholarship holders of the Head of Chuvashia

Scholarships A record number of applications for a special scholarship for representatives of youth and students for a special creative aspiration in the category of “working youth” was received by the Ministry of Digital Development of Chuvashia in 2022. 22 employees of 11 organizations expressed their desire to be among the scholarship holders: NTRC of … Read more

Support for mobilized children in Chuvashia costs 7,000 rubles a month

The head of Chuvashia announced this to the AiF edition. Oleg Nikolaev. – Each resident of the republic, who fell under the “partial” mobilization, received a lump sum payment of 50 thousand rubles. Now their children are fed free hot meals twice a day at schools, each is paid a nominal scholarship from the head … Read more

what documents to collect. Russian governors. Head of Chuvashia Oleg Nikolaev

news Chuvashia Person.City — official news about power in the regions (Russian governors today and now) in Chuvashia online 24/7 from Moscow.Media Person.City Info Agents “Prepare a sleigh in the summer”: a resident of Rybinsk stole a snow and swamp vehicle in the suburbs On August 16, residents of Kirov are advised not to go … Read more