Notice on Open Registration for Blended Learning MIT Official Course Program in Spring 2023

1. Project information 1. Project overview: Blended Learning is currently one of MIT’s most cutting-edge large-scale official course projects for college students around the world. It is led by MIT xPRO, the official learning platform of MIT Open Learning (school-level department), and is taught by more than 100 professors, researchers, and industry experts. The team … Read more

Certificate for adult education center Meerbusch

November 14, 2022 at 4:00 p.m Education in Meerbusch : Quality management of the adult education center certified In cooperation with the city, the Meerbuscher VHS offers courses from all areas of life and society for all citizens. Photo: bad Meerbusch Ongoing quality assurance is, among other things, a prerequisite for being able to offer … Read more