A parade at the foot of the Giralda and three concerts in honor of Santa Cecilia

The Council of Processional Music Bands of Seville, in collaboration with the Seville City Council, will offer a parade next Saturday 27 November, in honor of Santa Cecilia, patron saint of music and musicians. This parade will begin at 17:00 in the Murillo Gardens, running along Calle San Fernando, Puerta de Jerez, Avenida de la … Read more

Concert of Santa Cecilia and posthumous tribute to Ángel Vázquez

Free entry, limited to the capacity of the room and compliance with sanitary measures – – – – – In the first part of the concert the Bandin will perform, directed by Mr. Jesús Alberto Alonso Pacheco. They will premiere three pieces, with arrangements by Pacheco himself for the children’s group. “Suo Gan” (traditional Welsh) … Read more

The Santa Cecilia de Cullera symphony recovers face-to-face concerts

In the first part, the hymn of the Cecilian entity “Always noble and liberal”, by José Luis Peiró, and “Listening tone Paris”, by Mickey Nicolás, have been performed under the direction of the band’s titular teacher, Carlos Garcés Fuentelsaz . In the second of the works, Noelia Lasobras Pérez participated as a solo accordion. In … Read more

The Agrupación Santa Cecilia offers its first summer concert today

The Santa Cecilia Musical Group offers this afternoon the first of the two ‘Summer Concerts’ that it has announced for this month of July. After a year and a half, the group, directed by Aurelio Fernández-Velilla, met the public again on June 6 with a performance in the Cidacos park. From there, it has wanted … Read more