IU will hold a concert in the main stadium of the Seoul Olympic

2022-08-06 17:07 Source: Happy Entertainment Hall Original title: IU will hold a concert at the main stadium of the Seoul Olympic Games IU (Lee Ji-eun) will hold a concert at the Olympic Main Arena, Jamsil Sports Complex, Songpa-gu, Seoul. The company is doing its best to prevent scalpers. The location with a good line of … Read more

Runaway cow causes police action in Hövelhof and paralyzes train traffic

As reported by the police, the animal broke out of a pasture on the wooden path in Stukenbrock-Senne in the morning. Around 8 a.m., the free-roaming cow was spotted on Hövelrieger Straße. She had meanwhile crossed the Paderborn-Bielefeld railway line and repeatedly caused obstructions on the streets. Police officers from Gütersloh and Paderborn were deployed. … Read more

Land plans new wolf territory between Haltern am See and Reken

Aug 2, 2022 at 6:12 p.m Right next to the wolf area Schermbeck : Land is planning a new wolf area in the districts of Borken and Recklinghausen – there are concerns Wolves howl in a wildlife park. In the wild, an animal roams an area in the districts of Borken and Recklinghausen. Photo: dpa/Sebastian … Read more

Role of reproductive fluids and extracellular vesicles in embryo–maternal interaction during early pregnancy in cattle

The coordinated interaction between the developing embryo and the maternal reproductive tract is essential for the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy in mammals. An early cross-talk is established between the oviduct/uterus and the gametes and embryo. This dialogue will shape the microenvironment in which gamete transport, fertilisation, and early embryonic development occur. Due to the … Read more

Recommendations for farmers and professionals in the management of sick animals | Livestock context

These are some guidelines for the management of animals suffering from a discomfort or condition, devised by veterinarian Tom Noffsinger, an independent consultant and expert in cattle animal health, performance and behavior. In a conference given in 2010, the veterinarian argued that the philosophy that farmers, operators and professionals should apply should be invest time … Read more

How to tackle animal welfare problems | Livestock context

Animal welfare (BA) problems are many, so many that people still cannot imagine them. In Colombia, the deficiencies in BA for dairy cattle, fattening, dual purpose, have not been assessed, which adds significant challenges. Fredy Enrique García Castro, doctor and master in animal production who is co-author of Agrosavia’s ´Mas welfare´ software indicates, in a … Read more

Face-sweeping admission to Shanhe Ling’s concert creates a new format for domestic OST concerts_大麦_黄牛_演

Original title: Face-sweeping admission to Shanhe Ling’s concert, creating a new format for domestic OST concerts Beijing Commercial Daily News (Reporter Zheng Rui) On the evening of May 3, the “Born Confidant-“Shanhe Ling” Theme Concert” was officially held, produced by Youku, Xiami Film and Television Music, and hosted by Damai. It is worth mentioning that … Read more

Animal abuse: Unidos Podemos proposes mobile slaughterhouses in trucks for the slaughter of cattle from small farms

United we can has raised in Congress the possibility of promoting a system of mobile slaughterhouses in autonomous vehicles adapted for slaughter at origin and thus facilitate small and medium-sized farms this task. This measure, wielded from the purple formation, would strengthen the majority model of small and medium-sized family farms and their permanence in … Read more

Animal welfare, a cross-cutting issue in livestock production | Livestock context

Animal welfare is a crucial issue in livestock production and therefore the interest of producers in providing the best conditions for livestock throughout their lives. This good practice proposes to provide production animals with the better living conditions during their upbringing, transport and even before slaughter, to obtain a food product of good sanitary quality … Read more

Animal welfare is being carried out to farms in Córdoba | Livestock context

Animal welfare is a topic that has been addressed in livestock thanks to the different campaigns that the dome guild has carried out. There are regions such as Córdoba where training is being implemented in which the doubts of farmers on this topic are resolved. Leonardo Fabio de las Salas, regional coordinator of Córdoba, indicates … Read more