Social housing for the boss’s dog and friends of the clan, the Councilor for Heritage: “The check has already started”

Social housing in the hands of crime? The Municipality of Toasts start an inspection activity on assignments and asks for the cooperation of the judiciary. The investigative findings against the man from Brindisi have set off several alarm bells Gianluca Volpearrested two days ago by the Brindisi mobile squad as part of an anti-mafia operation … Read more

Dog ends up in a 45-metre chasm, rescued by firefighters – Tuscany

Speleologists intervene to recover it, the animal is fine (ANSA) – LIVORNO, JAN 30 – During a hunting trip a dog fell into a chasm of about 45 meters in the countryside of Sassetta, in the Livorno area. To save it, the intervention of a team of firefighters specialized in speleological rescue was necessary, arriving … Read more

Ukrainian dog traumatized by bombs now lives in England, but underground car racing continues to scare him

Is called Ressi, a labrador puppy of almost eighteen months, is as tender as he is scared. Yes because, as reiterated these days by his mistress Lanawhen he hears bangs or loud noises there is nothing he can hold on to and with his tail between his paws he goes to take refuge in the … Read more

Accidentally steps on gun, dog shoots and kills owner in Kansas

World Frida, a dog who saved dozens of people after an earthquake in Mexico, has died Considered a true national icon, she had retired from service in 2019. Over the course of her ‘career’ she has saved a dozen people and located the bodies of 43 people in almost a decade of rescues Frida, the … Read more

Use: dog steps on gun, fires and kills owner – World

A dog stepped on a shotgun that was in his owner’s car and killed him. The accident happened over the weekend in Kansas. The American media report it citing the police. The 30-year-old man, sitting in the passenger seat, was shot in the back. He was hunting with his dog and had left the weapon … Read more

Dog wanders on the highway, agents stop traffic and save him – Campania

Intervention on the Neapolitan section of the A1 (ANSA) – NAPLES, JAN 21 – He was wandering on the highway with the risk of being run over but also representing a danger to passing motorists. A pit bull was rescued by traffic police officers in the section that crosses the province of Naples of the … Read more