Donna on the deck wants to jump downstairs, rescued by the firefighter dog. “He smiled as soon as he saw him”

It was the little one Labradoodle named Digby to save a young woman who had decided to take her own life. It happened near the English town of Exeter, Devonshire, on one of the bridges of the M5 motorway. The girl seemed intent on doing the insane gesture when several emergency teams arrived on the … Read more

and the two become friends

A dog rescues a fawn who was drowning in a lake, the video goes viral and the story moves the US. The pair of animals then built a dear and curious friendship. The owners of the dog found him swimming in the middle of the lake behind their home in Virginia, while “carrying a fawn … Read more

Paolo Cannavaro’s dog is dead

Editorial board June 11, 2021 8:19 pm “Goodbye my dear friend, I don’t know how much I will miss you. Mas“. With these words Paolo Cannavaro, former defender and captain of Napoli, says goodbye to his German shepherd. Cannavaro and his family were very fond of the dog and testify to this. on social media, … Read more

Frosinone – Attacked because the neighbors’ dog had gone to the toilet in front of their door

Punitive expedition against two black sisters living in Frosinone who had gone to complain to the neighbors because their Chihuahua had gone to the front door of the house. The facts date back to the 2014 estaste when the people across the street first insulted them (one of the victims would have been labeled a … Read more

Marsala, that dangerous dog left free on Via Dante Alighieri

A dangerous dog, left free in Via Dante Alighieri. This is the report that reaches the editorial staff of Tp24, from some readers, worried, because it is not the first time this has happened. The dog, in fact, is owned by the owner of a company that operates in the area. And it is not … Read more

Ireland, 3-month-old baby girl mauled by a dog while sleeping in the cradle

She was bitten in the middle of the night while sleeping in her crib Mia O’Connell, a three-month-old baby girl. The tragedy took place in County Waterford, Ireland. The animal whose breed has not yet been specified allegedly attacked her around 2 am on Monday 7 June causing severe head injuries. When the family members … Read more

Michele Serra, Bone (and the dream of a caress) – Books – A book a day

(by Marzia Apice) (ANSA) – ROME, MAY 25 – MICHELE SERRA, BONE, DOGS ALSO DREAM (Feltrinelli, pp. 128, 16 Euro. Illustrations ALESSANDRO SANNA). Nature that hides pitfalls and wonders. The ancient charm of the bond between man and dog. And then the amazing power of feelings, which can surprise us at any age and whose … Read more

In Bologna museums become ‘pet friendly’ – Emilia Romagna

(by Marzia Apice) (ANSA) – BOLOGNA, MAY 24 – Admire the four-legged friend in ad hoc itineraries, the most faithful to man, portrayed as a companion in adventures on painted canvases and figured terracotta, on vases and instruments of bronze, from antiquity to the modern era. But also to discover anecdotes related to great artists, … Read more