Newsstands want to sell coffee, pizza and concert tickets

Kiosk model implanted in Barcelona that is intended to be copied in Malaga. / ON They demand that the City Council update the ordinance to be able to sell more products as their competitors do JUAN SOTO Málaga Saturday, October 2, 2021, 00:16 Malaga newsstands want to reconvert so as not to die. After several … Read more

Coffee has many benefits, but how much is too much? | Health & Wellness

Today is the Coffee Day with multiple promotions. Although this drink is known to have benefits, in excess it can be detrimental to health. Between 300 and 400 mg is the maximum amount of caffeine that a person can consume in a day, which is equivalent to 3 or 4 cups of coffee. Coffee has … Read more

It’s super delicious …!3 “Exquisite Snacks Easy Recipes” Complimented by Everyone – Sentence, Akane Shiihara | ananweb – Magazine House

3 exquisite snack recipes using seasonings that tend to be left over Seasonings such as miso, mayonnaise, and tomato ketchup tend to be left in the refrigerator. The expiration date is approaching, and do you think you have to digest it early? Anyway, you want to use it for delicious cooking! So this time, I … Read more

Recipe: Fish tacos breaded with cod dough

Fish tacos are a native dish from the Port of Ensenada in Baja California Mexico. This type of taco began to be prepared in the 1970s. It was mainly prepared by grilling the fish until consumers began to ask for the fried fish. The meat used is that of a shark known as Angelito, which … Read more

This one is a step to protect dogs and cats. I want to enjoy “lovely fashion” with the Boston Terrier embroidery T of “Alia” –isuta (Ista) –I don’t lie to my “like”. —

@p_k0316 / Instagram What do you value when you buy clothes? I think there are various factors such as “I like the design”, “comfortable to wear”, and “the size feels good”, but sometimes it may be good to choose from the perspective of “being good for someone”. Hmm. This time, a fashion brand where purchases … Read more

Recipe: Japanese Almond Cookies

If something cannot be missing from kitchen cabinets, it is cookies. There are a wide variety of recipes to make cookies of different flavors and preparing them as a family is a good pastime. This time we will show you what you need to create some Japanese-style almond cookies. Almonds are good for the heart, … Read more

Toshihiko Shinzawa & Satoko Yamano “Family Concert” –Rifunosu

Rifu x Rafu Night ★ All children and adults gather on Saturday night! With Toshihiko Shinzawa of “Children from all over the world,” “Rainbow,” and “To be friends.” Satoko Yamano, the theme song of “Doraemon”, is coming to Rifunosu! !! A family concert that both adults and children can enjoy. The multipurpose hall of “Rifunosu” … Read more

Collaboration between “Pierre Herme Paris” and The Strings Omotesando. The recipe for Salon de Te “Beau Passage” has landed for the first time in Japan! (September 7, 2021) –Excite News

You can enjoy the menu of Japan’s first landing!Pierre Herme Paris x The Strings Omotesando Click here for an image of “Pierre Herme Paris” and The Strings Omotesando collaborating … >> Now that it is difficult to travel abroad, Pierre Herme Paris and The Strings Omotesando have collaborated with the desire to give you a … Read more