History, recipe and 3 versions of the delicious Black Forest cake

It is one of the most famous German cakes and here we also like it a lot. What better combination than a layered brownie, with cherries and chantilly? This would be the most basic formula, although then there are different ways to prepare a good Black Forest Cake. On HI THERE! Kitchen room We are … Read more

Recipes for a summer day: sponge cake, old clothes, pickle

In times of the Olympics and heat waves, who doesn’t fancy a diet worthy of champions? In summer anything goes: fruit, vegetables, cold purees, meat, fish and even sweets healthy. Como Sapiens brings you all this, and more, in the same menu. So aim well, because to start the day, we invite you to a … Read more

Irresistible recipe to make ‘bundt cake’ type cakes

Buy Nordic Ware molds from € 35.71 The first were made of aluminum, but later the range of molds was expanded with different shapes, materials and sizes (thus, for example, the molds for bundt cakes in mini format they are perfect for cooking cakes in individual format). As it is not a unique recipe, we … Read more

Recipe to prepare the Battenberg cake

As with the Australian Lamington cakes we were talking about a few days ago, the pastel Battenberg it also has behind a curious story related to its name. According to most theories, it seems that this sweet was created in honor of the marriage that took place between Victoria of Hesse-Darmstadt (granddaughter of Queen Victoria … Read more