The Brave Puppy Girl Was Rescued After 11 Days Missing

The harsh environment did not diminish the dog’s loyalty. (Schematic / image source: Adobe Stock) siberiaIt is an extremely cold place, with more than half of the months in which the annual average temperature is below 0 degrees, not to mention the cold weather after nightfall.severe cold.Once a little girl was accidentally lost in a … Read more

Animals have human nature, not only sentient but also intelligent (pictures) Read Micro Thatched Cottage Notes | Biological Wonders |

Animals are human, not only sentient but also intelligent. (Image source: Adobe Stock) See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror sites. Return to the genuine version to see the Chinese website. animalPasshuman natureThe specific situation is often described in ancient records. For example, Ji Yun, who served as the chief editor of the “Siku … Read more

Intact Crocodile Returns Missing Boy (Photos)

The missing boy in the bayou returns in unexpected ways. (Schematic / image source: Adobe Stock) The Indonesian island of Borneo used to haveCrocodileattacks, which resulted indieIncidents are not rare.Recently there was a 4 year oldboyin this areaMissingTwo days later, he returned in an unexpected way. top predator There are millions of species on the … Read more

Restore life?Brain cells brought back to life

The brain is an integral organ of the human body. (Image source: Adobe Stock) Millions of people around the world are currently waitingorganTransplantation, after many people suffer accidental death, they will leave their loved ones in the form of organ donation, but they often fall into the predicament of shortage of supply. In a study … Read more

The Oldest Meal 558 Million Years Ago (Figure) – Ediacaran Biota – Fossils – Organisms – Animals

Fossil of Dickinsonia jellyfish. (Image source: Adobe Stock) Hundreds of millions of years ago, there was abiologyGroups flourished, but they disappeared quickly and silently after tens of millions of years.Recently, scientists from theirfossilAmong them, it was found that the world’s mostancientA meal from 5.58million yearsforward. So far, the earliest known complex multicellular organisms are called … Read more

African unicorns on ancient Egyptian murals that were once considered a hoax (pictures)

Okapi has a very special appearance. (Image source: Adobe Stock) AfricaofCongotropicalthe rainforestinhabits a elusiveRare birds and animals,Ancient EgyptIts existence appeared on the murals of the ancient times, and it was once crowned as “Africanunicorn“The appellation. The once mysterious African unicorn The “unicorn” is a mythical creature whose origins can be traced back thousands of years … Read more