Stray dogs killed a resident of Astrakhan – Latest news from Russia and the world today

“The Investigation Department for the Sovetsky District of Astrakhan of the Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Astrakhan Region is conducting a procedural check on the fact of the death of a local resident born in 1979. The body of a woman with no signs of a criminal death, but with torn-bitten … Read more

Dog feeders are removed in Volgograd after the order of officials

In Volgograd, on the territory of markets, industrial bases and other organizations where stray dogs were fed, feeders are being removed and booths where homeless animals found shelter are being dismantled. The disappearance of feeders and booths was told to IA “Vysota 102” by citizens who visit the Zhiguli wholesale market on Istoricheskaya Street. Representatives … Read more

Varum and Agutin organize the most expensive concert in Volgograd

Capital celebrities announced the cost of tickets for their concerts, which are scheduled in Volgograd for the winter and spring periods. As Vysota 102 news agency reports with reference to ticket sales resources, well-known singers and groups chose the hero city for their tours – Alexander Marshal, Chaif, Lolita, Bilan, Gazmanov, Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika … Read more

In Astrakhan, five students will receive grants from the President of the Russian Federation

December 30, 2022 10:10 Material support for talented children has been provided since 2015. Students who excel in the sciences, arts or sports are eligible to apply for a scholarship. It is quite impressive – 20 thousand monthly. Next year five ASU students will receive the scholarship. All of them are athletes. Daria Shashina … Read more

The raccoon dog Fedor that attacked the fishermen blew up the Network

A video filmed on winter fishing in the Volgograd region with a raccoon dog in the title role has become viral on the Web. The footage, in which the animal enters into an unequal battle with the drill, after which it tries to drag the fishing bag, has collected millions of likes in different communities. … Read more

Astrakhan experts will find out the causes of the mass death of dogs Astrakhan experts will find out the causes of the mass death of dogs Astrakhan experts will find out the causes of the mass death of dogs – RIA Novosti, 11/30/2022 Astrakhan experts will find out the causes of the mass death of dogs Experts will establish the causes of the mass death of dogs … Read more

Caucasian Knot | The plans of the authorities to catch stray dogs caused skepticism among the residents of the Astrakhan region

THIS MESSAGE (MATERIAL) IS CREATED AND (OR) DISTRIBUTED BY A FOREIGN MASS MEDIA PERFORMING THE FUNCTIONS OF A FOREIGN AGENT AND (OR) A RUSSIAN LEGAL ENTITY PERFORMING THE FUNCTIONS OF A FOREIGN AGENT. The authorities of the Astrakhan region plan to allocate more than 37 million rubles to the fight against homeless animals, according to … Read more

Support measures for mobilized families approved in Volgograd: list

Deputies of the Volgograd Regional Duma today, October 18, approved additional measures to support the families of military personnel called up as part of partial mobilization. According to IA “Vysota 102”, following the results of the meeting, the relevant regional law was adopted. The legislative novel provides the following assistance to the wives and children … Read more

Residents of the Volga region use Sber POS loans for education

Sberbank in the Volga region analyzed purchases made from May to August 2022 using a service that allows you to make an installment purchase online. The most significant volume of such loans was issued in an online school that trains IT specialists. In total, during this period, residents of Astrakhan, Volgograd, Orenburg, Penza, Samara, Saratov … Read more

Concerts canceled in Volgograd region due to low demand

In the Volgograd region, there were problems with the sale of tickets for entertainment events – concerts and performances. As residents of Kotovo told the Vysota 102 news agency, a circus troupe was supposed to arrive in the city on September 27. However, when the parents with their children arrived at the appointed hour, it … Read more