Penn Asian male pleads guilty to smuggling arowana and raw fish | Arowana | Lacey Act

Suspected of illegally smuggling the endangered and most expensive Asian “dragon fish” and bringing invasive “raw fish” into the United States [Epoch Times, July 22, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Cai Rong New York reported) An Asian man in Pennsylvania who specializes in selling rare and exotic freshwater tropical fish pleaded guilty in the Federal Court for … Read more

From A-share Hong Kong stocks to Chinese concept stocks, China’s leading high-quality stocks plunged collectively | Maotai | Arowana | BYD

[EpochTimesFebruary192021](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing comprehensive report) On the first trading day of the Chinese Year of the Ox, various cores represented by “Mao”, from A-shares to Hong Kong stocks to Chinese stocks Assets took turns to sell off, and only the A-share “Mao” index plate lost more than 650 billion yuan a day. Based … Read more