Frankfurt: Dogs poisoned with heroin: 6,000 euros reward exposed Regional

Twelve animals poisoned with heroin | $6,000 reward for information about dog haters Frankfurt – 12 dogs were killed in the poison bait attack in Bonifatiuspark in the Riedberg district of Frankfurt. According to BILD information, 20 other dogs with symptoms of poisoning had to go to the vet. Now the dog owners and animal … Read more

After an accident: the fire brigade salvaged the car and handed the dog over to relatives

The volunteer fire brigade of the city of Korneuburg was alerted to a vehicle recovery yesterday afternoon. The members found a damaged car on the S1 in the Tradenberg tunnel, direction Vösendorf, on the left side of the tunnel. The ambulance was already taking care of the driver. The task of the Korneuburg comrades was … Read more

Animal rescue in Remseck: fire brigade catches ball python – Ludwigsburg

The snake escaped at an unknown location turns out to be a ball python. Photo: / Karsten Schmalz/Karsten Schmalz A larger snake, which the Remseck fire brigade went out to rescue on Tuesday evening, turned out to be a ball python and was safely captured. The Remseck fire brigade was alerted on Tuesday evening … Read more

In Novorossiysk, a dog was saved with the help of a noose VIDEO

Novorossiysk rescuers with the help of a noose and good hands pulled a dog out of a fountain on the city’s Embankment. This was announced in the telegram channel Alexey Oderovhead of the local rescue service. He clarified that the dog did not know how it got into the fountain, and then could not jump … Read more

The death of dogs in Borodianka – the complaint of animal rights activists against Natalia Mazur was considered in the Kyiv City State Administration

The commission to investigate the case of the acting director of the KP “Kyiv City Hospital of Veterinary Medicine” Natalia Mazur completed its work and made a conclusion. The group was created by the Kyiv City State Administration at the request of animal rights activists. We will remind, earlier Vgorode wrote that during the occupation … Read more

Frontal accident near Bonn! Two drivers and a dog injured | Regional

Bonn – A crash on Landstraße 261 near Bonn-Röttgen claimed two seriously injured people and an injured dog. The two cars collided head-on and were severely deformed. A vehicle landed in the ditch next to the road. First responders handed the dog over to the fire department Photo: Bonn Fire and Rescue Service The drivers … Read more

Troisdorf-Spich: Almost four meters fell – kitten rescued from the ventilation shaft

Troisdorf – A kitten fell almost four meters down in Troisdorf-Spich on Sunday. The six-month-old animal climbed through the side holes of a ventilation shaft and then fell. According to a fire department spokesman, the owners had been looking for their cat and finally became aware of the animal’s whimpering. The alarmed fire brigade arrived … Read more

What type of animal abuse is reported in Orizaba? Citizens rescue violent dogs and cats – El Sol de Orizaba

Orizaba, Ver.- violence against animals has triggered citizens to unite to rescue them, the activist Humberto González has seen cases of dogs mistreated, malnourished, raped, chained and even macheted. For years, his citizen work rescuing dogs and cats has led him to see cases inonhumansRemember the case of a Pitbull dog that was hacked three … Read more