Adopt Dog SKYROS (RESERVE) – 79 – Maison SPA de Niort

Here is Skyros, a real marshmallow on the BBQ: hard mastiff on the outside, warm and melting inside. In any case his gaze has melted more than one despite his puppy-buldozer temperament. Skyros is OK car, cat and dog. He grew up without a mother dog, the presence of another dog well in his paws, … Read more

Adopt Dog ROUCKY – 35 – Refuge de Rennes

Roucky is a lovable dog that comes from the pound, so we have no information about his past. Roucky is a dog that is very close to humans and is dynamic. Roucky is a very young dog who will need a lot of presence, education and physical expenditure to feel good about his paws. Roucky … Read more

Adopt Dog CARIBOU – 45 – Refuge Le Moulin d’en Haut – Chilleurs aux Bois

Caribou will have everything to learn from dog life: cleanliness, education, socialization, etc. It is very likely that he will subsequently have health problems (dysplasia in particular), so costs will potentially be expected. Caribou is one of the 2nd category dogs and must therefore be in order from its 8 months with respect to the … Read more

Adopt Dog NINJA VAA23076 – 77 – Refuge de Vaux Le Pénil

Ninja is a dog close to man, a sociable child and dog. He is not social with cats. Work on responsiveness on a leash is to be expected. We are looking for adopters who are familiar with the breed and the gene (MDR1) which is typical in Shepherd-type dogs. Ninja is fearful of crowds, firecrackers … Read more

Adopt Dog BOOP – 35 – Refuge de Châteaubourg

Boop is a very dynamic little dog! A real electric battery! He will be able to get along potentially with another dog, it will be necessary to make the presentations at the shelter. Boop will need a very present family able to meet his needs, a dynamic family able to offer him several activities! Initially, … Read more


Since 1845, the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) has acted daily to ensure the protection and defense of animals throughout the territory. It intervenes to save mistreated animals and convict the culprits, while raising awareness and empowering the public to respect animals, especially the youngest. Its teams take care of the 40,000 animals … Read more

Adopt Dog LIGHA CHAO11316 – 91 – Refuge de Chamarande

Young Ligha has just arrived from another association. It seems that she only lived locked on a balcony. She is therefore looking for patient adopters who are available because all her education has to be done. Learning to walk on a leash, managing loneliness, frustration, toilet training, etc. A diagnosis will be expected every 8 … Read more

Adopt Dog COQUIN CHAO11266 – 91 – Refuge de Chamarande

Rascal or Coke is a loulou who has just arrived from the impound, very outgoing and very clingy with the whole team, he is looking for adopters available to be able to spend it as it should be, and to continue his education with the positive method because Mr. hard to channel! We do not … Read more

The Coslada Fairgrounds will host the Animal Adoption Day

The Coslada Fairgrounds will host, on October 3, both the VII Conference of Animal Adoption, like the V Solidarity Mascocan from the city. The objective of this project is to promote coexistence with pets, especially with dogs, the physical activity with them and sensitize the population against abandonment and the mistreatment to the animals. Likewise, … Read more

Identify your animal: simple, basic.

Really, identification is not an enigma. Giving an “identity card” to your companion should be a reflex for all animal owners.It is not only offering him very important additional security – and potentially saving his life! … But it’s also, helping yourselves, in case your boyfriend gets on an unexpected runaway or worse, gets stolen … Read more