Filip Blažek in Slunečná: Serious accident after falling from the roof

An ambulance took him to the hospital immediately, it was serious. “Fortunately, the doctors got me out of it. But you think that you should think about it during such a shooting, “remarked Blažek. Like a stuntman That’s why he let himself be represented by a stuntman during the filming. “I admit that I didn’t … Read more

Cuckoo star Adamczyk about his relationship with Samková: Dračice Eva ?!

It is said that the forces on the snowboard are not measured, he would not stand a chance. But still the actor from Kukačky, admits that the sugar doll Samková not at all. “Sometimes we go jogging together, but I do this to her as a sparring partner rather than competing together. But I must … Read more

Desperate Martin Zounar: MUST HAVE TO BE MARKED QUICKLY!

After a year of acquaintance, he put an engagement jewel with a diamond on his friend’s finger and thought he would finish the construction fairy tale in a few months. But while Zounar planned his D-day for June, and more patients with covid in the Czech Republic. “It simply came to our notice then. The … Read more

Zounar from the Surgery ended up in the hands of doctors: It was about life!

“Dear Sirs, I have taken one important step this week. For the first time in my life, I visited a specialist because of my obesity. And I have to say that I don’t understand why I didn’t do it before, “Zounar admitted to his fans on the instagram and according to Blesk he also shared … Read more

Maciuchová († 75) and Adamíra († 67): SUDDEN CONNECTION ON THE Grave!

And it has the same quote that the actress had on her party: Life left me before I left him. The last relationship According to the findings of the daily Aha! it was supposed to be a sentence of Hana Maciuchováwhich she has said several times in the past. And it is very likely that … Read more

After the gala dinner, they went straight to the hotel! Seidlová was accompanied by a representative of Havel

After handing over the Czech Lions, Barbora Seidlová and Viktor Dvořák headed straight for the hotel. The closing party did not take place due to the pandemic, so the actors had a free evening. The question now logically hangs in the air as to whether there is anything more among the main characters of the … Read more

Did she forgive him? Hairy tears because of Dolansky

Although it might seem that the two did not need a wedding to live, the opposite was true. According to the website, Lenka Veselková wanted to move the relationship further. And then finally came the right time to talk about it. “We were alone for a week in a cottage without children. We started … Read more

The charlatan Trojans rejoice: They have a narrower Oscar nomination!

The actor can also invite his son Josef (20), who played a healer in his youth, to the celebration. “We each studied the role separately, but then we talked about it when we met, for example, in the kitchen,” Josef Trojan told The actor can also invite his son Josef (20), who played a … Read more

Čvančarová and Dvořák: Spicy background of their rapprochement

Jiří Dvořák he currently excels in the series The Head of a Jellyfish, and it can be seen that the role of criminologist simply fits him. However, what is the difference when Filip Renč is sitting in the director’s chair, or Jiří Strach (47), who cast him in a miniseries on ritual murders? “They are … Read more