How to maintain the humanization of intensive care in a pandemic

For several years, the Sanatorium has been developing a program for the Humanization of Intensive Care at Cerro headquarters focused on the patient and their family. This paradigm shift in health, in general, and in the field of intensive care, in particular, marks a before and after in healthcare medicine. The old model in intensive … Read more

Preventive check-ups: a good time to check your health

Most health problems and unhealthy lifestyles do not produce symptoms in their initial stages, so many people are asymptomatic. Performing regular check-ups can identify risk factors and diagnose diseases in their initial phase or before symptoms begin. The included studies vary according to the age and sex of the patient. How often is it recommended … Read more

Hyperhidrosis: does excessive perspiration have a solution?

Hyperhidrosis is a pathology that is characterized by excessive sweating in different parts of the body, without the need to be exposed to high temperatures or to perform physical activity. The affected areas are, mainly, armpits, palms of the hands and soles of the feet, although it also occurs less frequently on the face and … Read more