Neighbors said that Pugacheva “no longer exists”

Anna Adamaites He is confident that artists should leave show business on time. Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Alla Pugacheva has practically not given concerts for a long time and does not go on tour, the only exception she made on her 70th birthday and sometimes appears on rare television shows. Nevertheless, music critic Sergei Sosedov … Read more

how Pugacheva changed men and images

For 55 years on stage, Alla Pugacheva has changed many times, but remained unique and unsurpassed. Her first song – “Robot” – she recorded on the radio when she was sixteen. Today no one will listen to it, but then, in Soviet 1965, among the general white noise about communism-patriotism, it sounded very fresh. And … Read more

The promoter revealed the main purpose of the marriage of Kirkorov and Pugacheva

The famous promoter Sergei Lavrov called the main purpose of the marriage between singer Alla Pugacheva and pop singer Philip Kirkorov. In his opinion, the stars got married for the sake of PR and further profit. It is curious that it is still unknown whether the love of Alla and Philip was real. Some believe … Read more