Unlike his brother, this is the reason Ahmad Dhani doesn’t want to use his father’s last name ‘Manaf’

Yura Yunita’s version of the Minutes of the Heart Wants a Short Film, Ahmad Dhani: The story is that there is a girl who wants to seize a guy who already has a girlfriend but the first one is not very loyal HAI-Online.com – Unlike his brother, Dadang S. Manaf, the frontman of Dewa 19 … Read more

Meeting Ariel NOAH, Luna Maya said this sentence

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 – 05:59 WIB Luna Maya during a visit to Graha Pena, South Jakarta, Friday (8/11). Photo: Dedi Yondra/JPNN.com jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Actress Luna Maya recently met her former lover, Ariel NOAH. They met in the Amazing 19 event hosted by GTV. The moment was also shared by Luna Maya in her … Read more

Karaoke Business Closes, Ahmad Dhani Needs to Support Widow of Accident Victim Dul

Suara.com – Ahmad Dhani is still supporting several widows of the accident victim of his son, Dul Jaelani on the Jagorawi toll road in 2013. But lately, because his karaoke business, Masterpiece closed due to PPKM, he is a bit struggling to support them. “I still bear the widows whose husbands were hit by Dul. … Read more

Getol Refuses to Be a Father to Replace Ahmad Dhani, Irwan Mussry Called Dul Jaelani Stingy Even Though Rich, Has Strong Reasons!

Sosok.ID – The relationship between Maia Estianty’s sons from marriage with Ahmad Dhani is indeed quite close to Irwan Mussry. However, even though Irwan Mussry is the husband of Maia Estianty, the conglomerate figure is reluctant to replace the father position for Al El and Dul. In fact, this was confirmed by Ahmad Dhani’s three … Read more

Perpetrators of Obscenity Become the Lowest Caste in Prison, Ahmad Dhani Uncovers Reasons for Saipul Jamil Not to Be Angry in Prisoners

PEOPLE’S MIND – The rejection of Saipul Jamil still continues, even though the sworddut has apologized for his past sins. The public has rejected Saipul Jamil’s presence on the television screen, after considering his title as an ex-convict of child molestation cases. The community admitted that they did not want convicts of child molestation cases … Read more

For the sake of Safeea and Ali whose Mothers Continue to be slandered!

Sosok.ID – Musician Ahmad Dhani, is serious about what he says about Maia Estianty, who he calls a preacher and a queen of imagery. As a follow-up to what he said on August 28, 2021, Dhani even made a compilation video. The compilation video that he shared through YouTube Video Legend collected Maia Estianty’s words … Read more

I’m Not His Wife Anymore!

Sosok.ID – Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani’s relationship is known to heat up again in 2021. Recently, Dhani sent a message to the media crew about his feelings about Maia Estianty. It also touched on the gold of their second divorce in the past, which took place in 2018. But who would have thought, this … Read more

Maia Estianty’s Ups and Downs, Healed from Bitterness after Seeking God

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – musicians and entrepreneurs, Maia Estianty have experienced a bitter life journey. Considered successful in passing the test of her life, Maia is now a source of inspiration for Indonesian women. <!– ADVERTISEMENT –!> Bagi Maia, perjalanannya sampai di posisi ini tidaklah mudah. Ia pernah mengalami kehilangan yang sangat besar dalam hidupnya. “Gue … Read more

Up in arms! Ahmad Dhani did this to the touch of Maia Estianty’s hand, Irwan Mussry’s wife suddenly displayed a portrait of her ex-husband

Sosok.ID – Social media was shocked by Maia Estianty who suddenly put on Ahmad Dhani’s face. The face of Ahmad Dhani was uploaded to the Instagram of Al Ghazali’s mother, El Rumi, and Dul Jaelani @maiaestiantyreal. The 45-year-old woman who is known to have a hot and cold relationship with Ahmad Dhani as her ex-husband … Read more

Mulan Jameela Admits Rejecting Ahmad Dhani Over and Over again until he finally melted: He cried in despair, so I…

PR TASIKMALAYA – Singer Mulan Jameela turned out to have a complicated love story. Confessing several times to reject her husband, namely Ahmad Dhani, Mulan Jameela said she was forced to marry him. Mulan Jameela made this statement when she was a guest on her friend’s YouTube channel. Also Read: Behind His Wealth, Ruben Onsu … Read more