Olivier Avoa explains why Bomou Mamadou wants to organize 3 concerts

The versatile Ivorian artist, Bomou Mamadou, unveiled the main axes of his 03 unpublished concerts, through Olivier Avoa, the general commissioner for the organization, on Friday, December 3, 2021: during a press conference. Bomou Mamadou, actor-director, dancer-choreographer, singer-songwriter, has been in intensive rehearsal for several weeks with his musicians in order to deliver three major … Read more

CNN.co.jp: Hundreds of tarantulas and insects confiscated at the airport Suspected of smuggling Colombia

(CNN) Colombian South American officials seized hundreds of spiders and insects on the 2nd, blocking alleged attempts to smuggle insects into Europe. Officials have revealed. At least 232 tarantulas, 67 cockroaches, 9 spider eggs, an adult scorpion and 7 children were confiscated at El Dorado Airport in the capital Bogotá, according to a statement by … Read more

CNN.co.jp: Pet names also reflect Corona’s illness, and dogs’ “zoom” and “fauci” surged-(1/2)

(CNN) This year’s dog run may be flooded with puppies named “Grogu,” named after “Zoom,” “Britney,” and even the characters from the Star Wars series drama “The Mandalorian.” In the pet name ranking recently announced by the pet service introduction site “Rover.com”, it became clear that names reflecting the era of the new coronavirus and … Read more

“More than 2,500 schools closed and 300,000 children without school learning” (civil society)

Burkina Faso is going through a very difficult period marked by a series of terrorist attacks in the northeast, on the border with Mali and Niger. Not a day goes by without a security incident being reported with tolls of up to dozens of victims. The Inata attack claimed the lives of more than fifty … Read more

CNN.co.jp: Protective dog with four legs amputated, successful surgery on prosthesis Russia

(CNN) In Russia, an operation was recently performed on a dog “Monica” who was protected from being injured, and prostheses were attached to four legs. Monica was also euthanized because she was seriously injured. Veterinarian Sergei Gorskov performed surgery to attach the prosthesis. Based in Novosibirsk, it has been operating on 37 animals to attach … Read more

How artificial intelligence is helping farmers and Africa’s children

JThe more similar the learning machines with their chips and algorithms become to humans, the more dystopian the fantasies become. In the film “Anima”, for example, a young man falls in love with a robot. Many could see it as the beginning of a power takeover by inhuman automatons. For the Viennese sociologist Helga Nowotny, … Read more

The winners of the 8th edition of the Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon scholarship

Published on : 02/11/2021 – 14:43 Eight years to the day after the assassination of journalists Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon, in Mali, RFI awarded the eighth scholarship bearing their names to Rolf Steve Domia Leu Bohoula, journalist at Radio Ndeke Luka in the Central African Republic, and Mahamat Hassane Zara, technician at Ndarason International … Read more

the authorities attribute the series of attacks to the ADF group

Published on : 27/10/2021 – 14:52Modified : 27/10/2021 – 21:24 In Uganda, the police attribute to the ADF group the explosion in a bus which occurred on Monday, October 25 in the afternoon in Lungala, and which made a victim, the alleged perpetrator and one seriously injured. Investigators link this attack with the previous one … Read more

Mali in search of digital sovereignty

Published on : 27/10/2021 – 12:03Modified : 27/10/2021 – 12:05 The Malian Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority is setting up a collaborative documentary portal for its employees and completely dematerializing its mail process, which will now be managed by Open Source software. Mali’s objective is to efficiently manage the content of its administrations in complete … Read more

BioNTech to launch production plants in Africa in 2022

Published on : 27/10/2021 – 11:20 Messenger RNA vaccine production sites will be built by BioNTech in Senegal and Rwanda, the laboratory announced on Tuesday. They will initially make it possible to manufacture 50 million doses against Covid-19. The German laboratory BioNTech indicated, Tuesday, October 26, that it will begin in mid-2022 the construction of … Read more