The portal of children’s technology parks will become a navigator for additional education

The portal of children’s technology parks in Moscow will become a major aggregator of additional education programs. This was announced by Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow. Now you can choose courses and sign up for classes on one site, here you can find information about career guidance sites in the engineering and technical field. … Read more

By interest. Students can enroll in free clubs

In the next academic year, 39 additional education programs will be implemented in 12 municipalities of the Chelyabinsk region. In the Chelyabinsk region, the number of places in additional education is increasing every year. According to the regional Ministry of Education and Science, 2229 new places in additional education will be opened in 2022. Today, … Read more

what is happening now and what are the forecasts for the future – Teacher’s newspaper

Economic difficulties have affected the field of additional education. In the new realities, classes with native speakers and passing exams for international certificates for Russians were actually banned. However, difficulties give rise to new opportunities. Photo: According to Elena Zhukova, General Director of the ILS International Language School, there have been big changes in … Read more

In Astrakhan institutions of additional education are closed until February 20 | People | SOCIETY

In the Astrakhan region, as directed regional sanitary doctor Lyudmila Noskova, temporarily, from February 7 to February 20, the work of institutions of additional education, circles and sections was suspended. The reason for such decisions was the large number of cases of a new coronavirus infection. Thus, 691 new cases of COVID-19 infection were detected, … Read more

General secondary education is compulsory for all and a centralized exam — a new law on education has been adopted in Belarus

A new edition of the Education Code was signed by Alexander Lukashenko. According to the telegram channel “Pool of the First”, it provides for the universal receipt of general secondary education (currently – general basic education), the conduct of final certification upon completion of general secondary education in certain academic subjects in the form of … Read more

How to get an increased scholarship?

How to get an increased scholarship? The acceptance of documents from students applying for increased state academic scholarships for achievements in social, cultural, creative and sports activities has begun. The deadline for submission of documents is February 10, 2022. The increased scholarship is awarded for the student’s achievements in educational activities if these achievements correspond … Read more

Belgorod region has become a leader in creating new places in additional education for children

The project office was created in the regional department of education within the framework of the federal project “The success of every child” of the national project “Education”. The competition projects analyzed data for 2019–2021. The project office was headed by Elena Silence (at that time the head of the regional department of education, on … Read more

95% of Kazakhstanis are forced to spend money on additional education for children

The Association of Legal Entities “Association of Private Education Institutions” conducted another express survey among 620 Kazakhstanis about the costs of additional education for children outside of school. If in 2020 the number of Kazakhstani parents who had to spend additional money from the family budget on out-of-school education amounted to 94% of respondents, then … Read more

Schoolchildren of Khabarovsk can receive additional education for free | SOCIETY

Parents of Khabarovsk schoolchildren are afraid to provide certificates for additional education to schools, reports AiF-Dalinform. The school management of Khabarovsk asks the parents of schoolchildren to provide the numbers of certificates of additional education. However, parents express a lack of understanding why this is needed, and panic is spread in parental chats. For a … Read more

“We must develop our city as much as possible”,

Yuri Yagodin, Deputy Chairman of the Khabarovsk City Duma, Chairman of the Committee on Social Issues. Photo: Sergey Pyatkov Since 2019, a kind of social experiment has been taking place in Khabarovsk. It is called “Continuing Education”. Its meaning is to identify and develop a child’s talent. How it works? How popular is additional education? … Read more