During the Plenary Session, DPR Members: Is Permadi Arya Paid by the State Budget? All pages

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Member of Commission I DPR from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) faction Al Muzzamil Yusuf touched on the alleged racism and blasphemy case that ensnared Permadi Arya alias Abu Janda, at the DPR plenary meeting, Wednesday (10/2/2021). Initially, Al Muzzamil questioned whether Abu Janda was a person influence paid by the government … Read more

Statement of Brigadier General Rusdi in Responding to the Meeting of the Widow’s Abu with Pigai, Decisive

Meeting of Abu Janda and Natalius Pigai. Photo: Doc. Abu Janda’s attorney jpnn.com, JAKARTA – The National Police Headquarters confirmed that the case of alleged hate speech involving social media activist Permadi Arya alias Abu Janda is still running even though the reported has met with former Komnas HAM Commissioner Natalius Pigai. This was conveyed … Read more

Apologize for Arrogant Islam, Abu Widow Sungkem to Cak Nanto

Jakarta – Permadi Arya or Abu Janda came to the Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Youth Center, Sunanto or Cak Nanto. Abu Janda apologized for the tweet “arrogant Islam” which is now being polished. Abu Janda came to Cak Nanto’s house on Saturday (6/2/2020). From the photos uploaded on Muhammadiyah’s official page, the two were said … Read more

Asked to invite Arya Alias ​​Abu Janda’s Permadi on the Podcast, Deddy Corbuzier actually mentioned Aldi Taher’s name

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com– Deddy Corbuzier responded to netizens’ requests for the next guest they would like to see on his podcast. Some netizens, seen from Deddy’s upload, wrote the name Permadi Arya alias Abu Janda as the person they wanted to see on Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast. Knowing the difficulty of inviting these people … Read more