the golden voice of Revda Evgeny Shashkov sang in support of the mobilized –

In Revda, a series of charity concerts continues to help mobilized Revda residents. On Friday, November 25, Revda’s “golden voice” Yevgeny Shashkov gave a charity concert at the Victory Center. Together with the famous artist in Revda, the guests invited by him sang and danced. The program was called “Russia – we are together!”. The … Read more

Russian regions will be divided into three levels according to the quality of education

News. Society 22:00, 27 November 2022 photo: © depositphotos From 2023, Rosobrnadzor will refuse to rank regions by places in their ratings and will divide them into three groups depending on work efficiency and indicators of the quality of education. This was stated by the head of the department Anzor Muzaev, writes “Parliamentary newspaper”. Thus, … Read more

Kaluga is dressed up for the New Year with last year’s decorations – Kaluga 24

In Kaluga, the installation of festive New Year decorations continues. For this, decorations purchased in previous years are used. As we wrote, this year the city authorities of Kaluga decided to abandon large-scale festivities. “We will not hold fireworks, concerts and mass celebrations. We will direct all free funds to support the mobilized Kaluga residents, … Read more

An unknown scorcher knocked down a dog on a “zebra” in Vyborg and left the animal to die

Follow us at For several hours, veterinarians fought for the life of the caudate, but in the end it was decided to euthanize the animal. A homeless dog fell under the wheels of an unknown driver in the city of Vyborg, Leningrad Region. Eyewitnesses told about this in the group “Interesting events in Vyborg” of … Read more

Dancer Sergei Polunin and actor Igor Petrenko hold charity concerts

The first performance was held at the Novosibirsk Philharmonic. Dancer Sergei Polunin and actor Igor Petrenko hold charity concerts, the proceeds of which will be used to support the Russian army and participants in the Special Military Operation. The first performance was held at the Novosibirsk Philharmonic. Sergei Polunin performed an excerpt from Stravinsky’s The … Read more

A dog mutilated by a flayer is given a new name – Kaluga 24

An animal cruelty incident occurred in the Maloyaroslavetsky district. A dog with stab wounds under the jaw and a severe incision on the side was admitted to the local clinic. Caring Kaluga residents responded to the collection of help, and now they are participating in the selection of a new name for the rescued dog. … Read more

Physical activity with the dog. What is cynological sport :: Lifestyle :: RBC Sport

How to turn ordinary walks with a pet into physical activity, what types of competitions exist in cynological sports and how to master them with a dog – in the material “RBC Sport” Read us in news Tribeball demonstration at the Sokolniki cynological stadium (Photo: Sofya Sandurskaya/Moskva Agency) From November 4 to 6, the international … Read more

In Omsk, the number of students receiving government scholarships almost doubled

The scholarship of the Government of Russia encourages talented youth of the region who study under the training programs for specialists in priority areas of modernization and technological development of the country’s economy. The press service of the administration of the Omsk region said that in the current academic year, 77 people from 17 vocational … Read more

Night Faces of Animals Captured by Russian National Park Cameras – November 5, 2022, Sputnik International Animals at night captured by cameras in Russian National Park Animals at night captured by cameras in Russian National Park In the Leopard Country, a national park in Russia’s Far East and Primorye, 400 camera traps are placed at regular intervals to observe the animals that inhabit the park. This time, Sputnik will show … Read more

how the Volgograd region will celebrate the Day of National Unity // Watch

A number of events are planned in the Volgograd Region on National Unity Day. The program includes marathons, flash mobs and master classes. On November 4, at 8 am, the Divine Liturgy will begin at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Later, Volgograd residents will be able to join the procession. On National Unity Day, the territory … Read more