The organizers of the canceled concert “Hands up!” through the court returned 250 thousand for tickets / May 16, 2022 | Yekaterinburg, News of the day 05/16/22

The Urals were able to sue 250 thousand rubles for tickets to the “Hands Up!” concert, which was postponed without a good reason. A class action lawsuit was filed by 46 people, but after the court decision, all other viewers can also demand a refund, the court will make a similar decision. Concert of the … Read more

Early Music Festival 2021: All concerts were sold out

October 1, 2021 at 4:50 am All concerts in Knechtsteden sold out : Festival Alte Musik successfully takes stock The final concert of the festival took place in Knechtsteden. Photo: Judith Michaelis Servant Towns 250 musicians played at the concerts in Knechtsteden as part of the Early Music Festival. All concerts were fully booked. A … Read more

Dominique Thury: «The best season of my life» / US Motocross 450

P24 in the US West Coast Championship was not Dominique Thury (Yamaha )’s stated goal, but his performance in the first US year was more than respectable. Now he is looking forward to the next challenge. The US begins on May 29th in Pala / California Nationals. In addition to HRC star Ken Roczen, another … Read more

250,000 people burst their positions in 24 hours: the amount of money exceeded 10 billion, and some people tried to leave the market with a blood loss of tens of thousands of dollars overnight

US$20,000, US$30,000, US$40,000, US$45,000, US$49,500… US$49,000, US$48,000, US$47,000, US$46,000…Since the second half of 2020, the price of Bitcoin has risen at a speed beyond imagination, reaching nearly 5 during the Spring Festival. Ten thousand dollars mark. However, only a few days later, the price of Bitcoin fell rapidly again, falling below the $46,000 mark on … Read more