Income Campaign | Income 2021-2022: Do I have to declare the scholarships in the Income statement?

A very common question when the Income campaign arrives is common to those people who have low incomes, including interns: Do I have to submit the declaration? The answer, a priori, is quite simple: everyone who has perceived income from a single payer of more than 22,000 euros during 2021, including those who have received … Read more

6.2 million euros for charitable purposes

news The Polytechnic Society Foundation achieves the second-best result since 2005 by Karl-Heinz Stier (13.06.2022) One focus of the work of the Polytechnic Society Foundation in 2021 was the support of families who were in a challenging situation in the second year of the pandemic. picture gallery ‹ › The 2021 activity report was explained … Read more

The organizers of the canceled concert “Hands up!” through the court returned 250 thousand for tickets / May 16, 2022 | Yekaterinburg, News of the day 05/16/22

The Urals were able to sue 250 thousand rubles for tickets to the “Hands Up!” concert, which was postponed without a good reason. A class action lawsuit was filed by 46 people, but after the court decision, all other viewers can also demand a refund, the court will make a similar decision. Concert of the … Read more

The 112 CV attends 20,000 calls about animal abandonment and protected species since January 2021

VALENCIA (EP). The Emergency telephone number of the Generalitat 1 1 2 Comunitat Valenciana has received nearly 20,000 calls related to animal rescue and other issues related to fauna and flora since January 2021. More than half, specifically 57 percent, are notices referring to domestic pets that have been abandoned, are injured or have suffered … Read more

The Ministry of Public Security announced 10 typical cases of cracking down on crimes endangering ecology and biosecurity

China News Service, April 14. According to the website of the Ministry of Public Security on the 14th, ecological security and biological security are an important part of national security. The public security organs firmly established the overall national security concept, and in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, carried … Read more

Events poster. Movie tickets, concerts, performances

Poster of your city The most complete poster of theaters and cinemas, exhibitions, parties and other entertainment events in the city. Don’t know where to go? With us you will be aware of all the premieres of performances, films, sports and club events, concerts of stars. Illustrated poster of the day, easy search, reviews and … Read more

Started accepting documents for an increased state academic scholarship

Hurry up to apply for an increased state academic scholarship before February 11, 2021. The scholarship is awarded to full-time students at the expense of the federal budget for educational programs of higher education (bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s programs), including foreign citizens and stateless persons. Required documents: Statement A copy of the record book (masters of … Read more