In the summer of 2022, the North American Educational Esports Federation Japan Headquarters will be established | KKS Web: Educational Home Newspaper News | Educational Home Newspaper

North America Education eSports Federation Japan Headquarters (commonly known as NASEF JAPAN), which supports education utilizing eSports and human resource development, announced in August 2022 that it will establish the North America Education eSports Federation Japan Headquarters. did. ■ Established as a voluntary organization in November 2020 “North American educationeThe Japan Headquarters of the Sports … Read more

iTeachers TV Vol.323 Doshisha Junior High School Dr. Toshi Tada (Part 2)

On the 29th, iTeachers and iTeachers Academy released “Let’s make learning’#STEAM'(Part 2)” by Dr. Tsutomu Tanita of iTeachers TV Vol.323 Doshisha Junior High School. In the second part, based on the lesson practice cases introduced in the first part, I will talk about how the students’ consciousness changed from the results of the questionnaire. What … Read more

“Springin’Classroom” adopted by EdTech introduction subsidy 2022 Introduced to elementary schools in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture | KKS Web: Educational Home Newspaper News | Educational Home Newspaper

The sketchbook “Spring in’Classroom” that can be programmed has been adopted by the operator of “EdTech introduction subsidy 2022” implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It has been decided that the “Springin’Classroom” will be introduced to about 2500 people from 4 elementary schools in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture and 5 private elementary … Read more

Keyence Foundation 2023 Benefit-type scholarship application guidelines released Monthly fee 80,000 yen Recruitment of about 500 households No annual income limit | KKS Web: Educational Family Newspaper News | Educational Family Newspaper

The Keyence Foundation will provide repayment-free benefit-type scholarships to those enrolled in Japanese universities in April 2023. A monthly payment of 80,000 yen will be provided to about 500 people over a four-year period. The application guidelines have been released when the application starts from February 1, 2023. ■ Can be used in combination with … Read more

Online Seminar to Learn Higher Education / Education Research DX on Google Cloud 6/22 | KKS Web: Education Home Newspaper News | Education Home Newspaper

Google Cloud Japan will hold an online seminar entitled “Public Sector Industry Day” on June 22nd (Wednesday) for people involved in the public, educational, and healthcare fields. In the education session, the latest DX cases such as how to use Google for students, faculty and staff, researchers and the latest support measures for EdTech companies … Read more

ELPA Education Seminar 2022, “The Secret Story of the Production of” Zombie English Words “at Kindai” Held on June 11 | ICT Education News

The English Proficiency Evaluation Association (ELPA) will hold a “Kindai” Zombie English Words “Production Secret Story” on June 11th, which will direct student-centered project-based learning. A book “Zombie English Words” will be published that incorporates the idea of ​​a student who is a researcher at the “Zombie Research Institute” of the near university, which is … Read more

“27th New Education Expo 2022” to think about future education June 2-4 | ICT Education News

The 27th New Education Expo, a seminar for faculty members and educators planned and operated by Uchida Yoko, will be held from June 2nd to 4th at the Tokyo Fashion Town Building. The policy of “Japanese-style education of Reiwa”, the case of introducing the state-of-the-art local government of GIGA school, which is in its second … Read more

How to read ICT education news on your smartphone like an app | ICT education news

I’m often asked if there is an app for smartphones in ICT Education News, but unfortunately I don’t have one yet. However, since ICT Education News is multi-device compatible, the layout will be easy to read on both smartphones and tablets. Therefore, I will show you how to set an icon similar to the app … Read more

AI Challenge Course Held in “SET AGAYA PORT” Project Setagaya-ku, Tokyo | KKS Web: Educational Home Newspaper News | Educational Home Newspaper

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo is implementing the “SETAGAYA PORT” project in collaboration with the dot button company. The “AI Challenge” educational program provided by SoftBank for junior high school and high school students living and attending school in Setagaya Ward will start on June 11th (Saturday). ■ Toward the development of future engineers 「SETAGAYA PORTThe project is … Read more

iTeachers TV Vol.318 Kinki University Elementary School Masaki Fukusaki (Part 1) released

On the 4th, iTeachers and iTeachers Academy released iTeachers TV Vol.318 “Learning” Connecting + Expanding “with ICT (Part 1)” by Professor Masaki Fukusaki of Kinki University Elementary School. Introducing the practice of learning centered on the ICT utilization vision “Communication & Creation” of Kinki University Elementary School. Second graders of elementary schools in Fukushima, Kanagawa, … Read more