T-FAL Cook For Me Express CY8521JP 1 week Recipe built-in Stir-fry 1 unit 7 roles Large capacity 6L Easy to clean Stew Steamed Rice Cooked Heat-retaining Reheated Cooking pan Electric pan Time-saving pressure cooking [3045386381753]

·····Product Features·····

You can make it quickly after you’re at home
Random home cooking

When you come home, just put in the ingredients and press the button
Because it is pressure cooking, the food is ready in no time.
In addition, there are weekly recipes and anhydrous cooking recipes from Monday to Sunday.
Newly added, with 210 rich recipes built-in.
No more worrying about daily menus.
In addition to pressure cooking, stir-fry, stew, steam, cook rice, keep warm,
It can be reheated and used for 7-role multi with one unit.
It has a large capacity for up to 6 people and is convenient for making.
The pan is light, easy to wash and easy to clean.
Since it does not use fire, it is safe to take your eyes off, and the SG mark has been acquired.
Safety design.With delicious home cooking every day without spending time and effort
Create a relaxing time.

Built-in various recipes

A week-long recipe developed in collaboration with ESSE
In addition to anhydrous cooking recipes, appetizers and main dishes
Built-in 210 kinds of recipes such as dessert.

Random cooking

Select the dish you want to eat from the built-in recipe.On the navigation street
Put the ingredients in and press the button, then leave it to us
The delicious food is complete.

Time saving recipe

Because it is pressure cooking, the time can be shortened!
(Time saving recipe is pressure cooking time within 15 minutes)

Short-time cooking with pressure cooking

Cooking time is high because it is cooked in a closed pan at high temperature.
Time can be shortened up to 1/3.

7 roles per unit

Not only pressure cooking, but also stir-fried dishes, stewed dishes, and steamed dishes
You can even cook rice. It can be kept warm and reheated, so
Excellent usability.

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Large capacity 6L

Cook rice for 10 go and cook for up to 6 people.

Easy to clean after use

The inside is a ceramic coating that does not stick easily.
The pot itself is light and easy to wash.


 ■ Added anhydrous cooking recipe
 ■ Easy chin because it does not use fire


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