Susana Labrador: “Culture is safe and needs the public and institutional support”

How have you raised the organization of Sant Jaume this year?

As is logical, we have had to base ourselves, first, on the application of all sanitary measures, especially the use of the mask at all shows. Last year we had commitments with four music groups, which we had to suspend, to rehire them. Finally this year the four have not been able to be, but we have programmed two. It is true that until the last moment we have been waiting for where to do the concerts in case there was a relaxation of sanitary measures, but finally it has not been possible.

But have they been able to maintain the program they had planned?

Yes, more or less, we have been able to program what we had in mind. For example, the exhibitions and the family theater on July 19, with the show ‘Isla’, held in the courtyard of the IES Marc Ferrer, and we have also kept the acts that we call small-format.

In all shows and concerts the capacity is limited. How many people can fit in the different spaces?

In the family theater show, there were about 120 people. Then in the courtyard of Sa Senieta for today’s Clara Peya concert there are 120 people and for the Ramón Mirabet concert last night the capacity was 200 people

To attend, in addition, do you need a prior reservation?

Yes, we do everything with prior reservation and in all the concerts everything is sold out. As they are free concerts, it can always happen that at the last moment there are people who do not come, so there may be free places, but in principle everything has been reserved for a week.

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What stands out from the program?

I think it is the combination we make of supporting the local culture and recovering the concerts of artists from outside. Also looking for the balance of gender perspective to give projection to female artists, is the case of Clara Peya and the exhibition of Pilar Aldea. Finally, the recovery of the ball pagès. It is true that in the Carmen festivities there was already a ballada and now we are recovering the traditional one of Sant Jaume, which is tonight at 9 pm in the Plaza de la Constitució. In principle they will act is Xacoters, who will dance with a mask, it is Pastorells have decided that, due to the measures, they preferred to continue without dancing. What can happen is that there is a ballador from this group who goes on their own to dance with es Xacoters.

In the end, will the public have to wear a mask?

Yes, even if the public is seated and outdoors, they should wear a mask and maintain social distance. In the case of the ballada, the public will not be seated, but must keep their distance and wear a mask.

They have also chosen this year to decentralize the events, taking them to Sant Ferran and La Mola. Why?

One of the things we’ve been trying to do is find other outdoor locations. In the case of the institutional act, it was held in the courtyard of the Faro de la Mola by decision of the president of the Consell, who considered it more appropriate. So we did different acts in different towns.

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How much is the budget for this year’s party?

At about 25,000 euros.

What is the message that you would highlight for this party?

Culture is safe, cultural events themselves do not spread the virus and we must support the culture sector: musicians, artists, technicians, since behind each performance there are many people involved who need the public and the help of the administrations .


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