Surprises in “Survivor México”; Reveal Four More Celebrities Will Join The JAGUAR And HALCON Tribes

With the news that Survivor Mexico It was extended six more weeks, with which the reality show is planned to end in the first half of August, it has also transpired that four more celebrities are about to join the program in the coming days.

This was exclusively revealed by the journalist Alejandro Zúñiga, who in his broadcast yesterday, Tuesday, June 29, announced that the tribes JAGUAR Y HAWK will undergo changes.

And it is that according to Zúñiga, “the tribes are going to mix again, because right now they already have it very easy. If you analyze, for example, there are allies Paco, Gary and Alejandra; the three of them could make a plot and remove Jorge, Fernando and Cynthia, but the production will not leave them the easy way because they will change and mix tribes again, because otherwise reality becomes very predictable ”.

Not only that, but in the coming weeks it is expected that the beaches of the Dominican Republic, where it is recorded Survivor Mexico, arrive four famous more to make life impossible for those who have already been there for more than 84 days.

“According to what they are telling me, another four participants will enter with the intention of making life impossible for Gary and Paco in JAGUARES and the other two will go to the HALCONES tribe to make life impossible for Pablo and Adianez, from that they do not feel so sure that they have already won because other participants will enter ”, said the show critic.

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