Supermodel Bar Refaeli sentenced to long community service and zw …


Refaeli Bar

Photo: EPA-EFE

A Tel Aviv court sentenced Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli on Sunday to a nine-month community service and a fine of more than 600,000 euros in a tax fraud case. In July she had been found guilty in that case.

35-year-old Refaeli was found guilty on July 20 of making false statements about her periods of residence abroad in order to avoid taxes in Israel. The model said she did not live predominantly in Israel in the years 2009 and 2012, but the court ruled otherwise. Her mother falsely registered her daughter’s apartments under different names.

Refaeli and her mother previously reached an agreement with the court. Refaeli accepted a nine-month community service, a fine of 2.5 million shekels (640,000 euros) plus the back taxes. That agreement was approved by a court in Tel Aviv on Sunday. Her mother Tzipi Refaeli was sentenced to 16 months in prison and a fine of 2.5 million shekels. The supermodel herself will start her community service on September 21.

Refaeli had her breakthrough in 2007 when she became the first Israeli model on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. She is also known for her relationship with American actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the couple broke up in 2011.


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