SUNEDU, National March for Education LIVE: University counter-reform will have more than 40 unions | Bill, Congress of the Republic, Pedro Castillo | Society

At a press conference, held this Friday, May 13, Gianluca Fiorini, from the PUCP Student Federation (Fepuc), pointed out that there is only one conservative bloc in Congress, which he called “anti-reform” and defends particular interests.

“And this same group has just practically captured the Constitutional Court, an extremely important instance to defend such important rights as education and freedom,” Fiorini said.

In her turn, Flavia Martínez, president of the Sin Tabúes collective, pointed out that the bill approved by the legislators violates comprehensive sexual education and the gender approach of the regular basic curriculum.

“It removes the powers from Sunedu, who are specialized people to be able to create educational content and materials and transmits this responsibility to fathers and mothers of families, they intend to give these spaces to conservative people who all they want is to prevent boys and girls know when they are in situations of risk, when they are in situations of violence,” he asserted.

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