“Sundance”, a new posthumous clip with Nekfeu


NEPAL – Two months after the death of the young rapper Nepal, the posthumous album “Adios Bahamas” was put online this Friday, January 10, as announced by his family.

[Mis à jour le 04 septembre 2020 à 17h56] A few weeks before the sad first anniversary of Nepal’s death, “his family and relatives” publish the clip of the song called Sundance, extract from the posthumous album Goodbye Bahamas, released last January. “In order to respect the will of the artist, and so that his artistic vision and his voice last, his family and relatives have decided to release all the projects planned by Nepal himself”, we can read in the press release. the video, which adds: “In October 2019, he proposed to Nekfeu to play in the clip of his song Sundance. To respect his memory, go to the end of his artistic process, and pay him a last tribute, this video is finally born. “

Thus, in this minimalist clip directed by Syrine Boulanouar (co-director of Wandering Stars), it’s Nekfeu who plays the main role, a gas station employee, “imagined by Nepal” and who “would have missed his dreams.” A new clip and a way to pay tribute to this young Parisian rapper, who had been dubbed by the greats of French rap.

In January 2020, two months after Nepal’s death, his posthumous album, baptized Goodbye Bahamas. A record of twelve titles, put online as promised by the rapper’s relatives. On November 20, 2019, “his family and friends” announced on social networks the death of the 24-year-old Parisian artist, which occurred on November 9. Nepal was one of the most promising rappers of his generation, with his abrupt demise sparking a wave of emotion on social media. On the album “Adios Bahamas”, fans can discover twelve unreleased tracks, including a collaboration with Nekfeu, Sheldon, Doums and 3010.

Artists with whom Nepal had already collaborated from the start of his career, notably thanks to the 75th Session he had founded and the 2Fingz duo he formed with Doums. What his relatives recalled in their press release, published on November 20 and announcing the rapper’s death: “KLM, Grand Master Splinter, Nepal, member of 2Fingz, co-founder of the 75th Session, rapper, producer, composer, graphic designer, videographer, our inspiration, our son, our brother our friend left us on Saturday November 9, 2019 in Paris. Neither words nor this press release can express the sadness we feel today. ” While the causes of Nepal’s death have not been confirmed, there were rumors that the artist had committed suicide.

After the brutal announcement of Nepal’s death at just 24 years old and the release of his posthumous album Goodbye Bahamas, tributes to this artist with a masked face are raining down on social networks. Several names in French rap salute the memory of the artist, in particular Sneazzy, or Jeanjass, who both write “rest in peace my brother”, Georgio XX5 who “has no words”, or Romeo Elvis who wishes him a “have a nice trip”. “The landscape of French rap is now losing a pearl. Polymorphic artist, it is with great sadness that we learn of the death of rapper Nepal. A thought for his loved ones”, we can finally read on Sacem’s Twitter (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers).

Born on November 18, 1994 in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, rapper Nepal was only 24 years old when he died on November 9, 2019. If he had always wanted to preserve his anonymity, only appearing with his face masked or made up , he was considered one of the most promising artists of the French rap scene. He began his career in 2011, co-founding the 75th Session. With Doums, one of the members of the L’Entourage collective, he formed the duo 2Fingz and unveiled his first eponymous mixtape that year. A second came out two years later. Many collaborations followed and performed under the pseudonym KLM. In 2016, Nepal participated in the hit album “Cyborg” by Nekfeu, on the track “Esquimaux”. A collaboration that will participate in its popularization in the French musical landscape. Before his death, he planned to unveil his very first album, called “Adios Bahamas”. According to his last wishes, this disc will be released on January 10, 2020, his relatives announced in the press release announcing the death of Nepal.

Since the beginning of his career in 2011, Nepal has insisted on remaining anonymous. For this, the young rapper has always hidden his face, under hoods, behind balaclavas or even, sometimes, makeup. Even in his clips, the artist only appeared from behind or with his head in the shadows. If we knew his real name, Clément Di Fiore, Nepal will have played all the stratagems so that his face remains a mystery. A desire to preserve his anonymity which was also illustrated by his discretion in the media and even on social networks where he published very few photos or messages. Only the many artists with whom he collaborated, perhaps, had succeeded in unraveling the mystery of Nepal and discovered its face.

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