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[Epoch Times, June 28, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Taiwan’s new variety show “Star Trek Pool” pioneered the production model of “Internet and Video Parallelism”, and first established an exclusive channel for Youtube programs, calling on all people to make wishes Netizens left a message and wrote “Which artist and internet celebrity do you want to see in the show”, and the production unit will produce and broadcast the program according to the wishes of netizens.

The host was held by Sun Xiezhi and Wang Renfu, members of the group “56”. During the transition period of the program, the epidemic was raised to a three-level alert, and epidemic prevention was given priority but all work was suspended. Sun Xiezhi mentioned that familiarity with people and things seemed out of reach during the epidemic, and Wang Renfu felt that the “song of growing up with everyone” can soothe people’s hearts. Therefore, he planned the program to sing the “56” bang tune relay, “One person, one sentence concert-I am sad”, and called on the fans to sing the bang song together in the fan club.

In just a few days, they received more than 200 videos uploaded by fans, and then selected 50 fans’ videos in the same frame as “56”. Seeing such enthusiastic response from fans, Teacher Lan Bo joined the event together. The film was viewed by more than 10,000 people within a day of its release on YT, which made Sun Xiezhi and Wang Renfu feel super moved.

Many netizens and fans said, “I saw half of my eyes wet and finally burst into tears”, “56 represents not only memories, but also an era”, “This wishing pool can really come true and it can be in the same frame as 56”, which makes fans the most. What’s so happy is that there is an “Easter Egg” Knife who feels right after hearing such a meaningful event.

The “56” knife was also recorded and passed to the production unit, which surprised many fans. (Provided by MinTV)

Originally it was one person, but Xiaodao insisted on singing the whole passage, recorded it himself and sent it to the production unit, and made many fans leave a message saying “I screamed when I saw Xiaodao in the film.” There are also many sharp-eyed fans who saw his recording equipment super professional, which made fans cried out and said that he was sincere.

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