Summer makes a show: tonight Brunori SAS. Concerts, events and festivals in Sicily 2022 – THE LIST

The show can begin. And this year, finally, after almost three years blocked by restrictions, full capacity is back. There will be many artists who, scattered throughout Sicily, are ready to give evenings of art and music. From the International Festivals of the Ancient Theater of Taormina to the Opera, to the cinema passing through the tours of great artists who will stop on the island. Last, Achille Lauro, Carmen Consoli. And again … Claudio Baglioni, Venditti and De Gregori, Elisa, Sangiovanni, Blanco (two dates already sold out in Catania), Fiorella Mannoia, Brunori Sas and many, many others.

Below is a list (UPDATING) of the main events, with the names that will crowd the squares and theaters of the island.



01.06 ShadeMarina di Modica beach

11/12.06 The flightAncient Theater of Taormina

16-20.06 Taobuk Book FestivalAncient Theater of Taormina

17.06 Vasco RossiSan Filippo Messina Stadium

18.06 MaceRenzo Barbera Stadium Palermo (dj set)

19.06 Greater Twin Cities Young SymphoniesAncient Theater of Taormina

23-25.06 FestivalsSalina

26.06/02.07 Taormina Film FestAncient Theater of Taormina

30.06/05.07 Eolie Music FestAeolian Islands


08.07 Carmen ConsoliPiazza Duomo Messina

08.07 “Requiem” (Orchestra and choir of the Teatro Massimo of Palermo), Ancient Theater of Taormina

10.07 Lyric gala with Pretty Yende (Bellini Theater Orchestra of Catania), Ancient Theater of Taormina

11.07 Jethro TullAncient Theater of Taormina

11/12.07 LastCibali Stadium Catania

12.07 Simple MindsAncient Theater of Taormina

14.07 Achille LauroAncient Theater of Taormina

15.07 Achille LauroPiazza Duomo Messina

15.07 Willy PeyoteBenedictine Monastery Catania

15.07 Orchestra of the Accademia Santa CeciliaAncient Theater of Taormina

15/16.07 Claudio BaglioniGreek Theater Syracuse

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16.07 MaceCatania General Markets (dj set)

16.07 Nuclear Tactical PenguinsVilla Bellini Catania

16.07 Danilo ReaAncient Theater of Taormina

16.07 ClementineCastel di Iudica Municipal Pre-park

16.07 Malika AyaneAlicia Salemi Square

17.07 ClementinePiazza Duomo Messina

17.07 Film Award of the NationsAncient Theater of Taormina

18.07 MahmoodAncient Theater of Taormina

18.07 Fast Animals and Slow KidsFormer Benedictine Monastery Catania

19.07 The SmileAncient Theater of Taormina

20.09 LucheVilla Bellini Catania

22.07 gemitaizVilla Bellini Catania

23.07 LitfibaVilla Bellini Catania

23.07 TaomodaAncient Theater of Taormina

24.07 GazellesAncient Theater of Taormina

27.07 Paolo NutiniAncient Theater of Taormina

28.07 Black Eyed PeasVilla Bellini Catania

29.07 CaparezzaVilla Bellini Catania

29.07 Roberto Bolle&FriendsAncient Theater of Taormina

29.07/04.05 Indiegeno FestPatti-Tindari

30/31.07 BlancoVilla Bellini Catania


01.08 Steve Hackett – Genesis RevisitedAncient Theater of Taormina

02.08 Opera Festival of TheatersAncient Theater of Taormina

03.08 Barcelona Opera Rock (Sicilian Symphony Orchestra), Ancient Theater of Taormina

03.08 Fabri FibraVilla Bellini Catania

04.08 Brunori SasAncient Theater of Taormina

05.08 ExpensiveVilla Bellini Catania

05.08 Jimmy Sax con The Symphonic Dance OrchestraAncient Theater

05.08 Franco 126Small Urban Park Bagheria

06.08 Nino D’AngeloPiazzale Stenditoio Castellammare del Golfo

06.08 Franco 126Villa Bellini Catania

06.08 Ben Harper and The Innocent CriminalsAncient Theater of Taormina

07.08 ClementinePiazza Garibaldi Francofonte

07.08 International Guitar NightAncient Theater of Taormina

07.08 The List RepresentativeMunicipal Amphitheater Zafferana Etnea

07.08 Ludovico EinaudiGreek Theater Syracuse

08.08 GiorgiaAncient Theater of Taormina

09.08 gypsy nightAncient Theater of Taormina

09.08 Ludovico EinaudiBordonaro Castle Cefalù

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09.08 RkomiSmall Urban Park Bagheria

09.08 Roberto VecchioniMunicipal Amphitheater Zafferana Etnea

10.08 Gianna NanniniPiazza Stenditoio Castellammare del Golfo

11.08 Gianna NanniniGreek Theater Syracuse

11.08 SubsonicSmall Urban Park Bagheria

11.08 RkomiVilla Bellini Catania

12.08 Dargen D’AmicoSyracuse

12.08 MadameMunicipal Amphitheater Zafferana Etnea

12.08 The List RepresentativeSmall Urban Park Bagheria

13.08 Samuel BersaniGreek Theater Tindari

13.08 MarracashVilla Bellini Catania

16.08 NoemiAlicia Salemi Square

16.08 Ermal MetaPietra Rosa Pollina Theater

17.08 Ermal MetaMunicipal Amphitheater Zafferana Etnea

18/21.08 – 23/28.08 Notre Dame of ParisTeatro di Verdura Palermo

18.08 Carmen ConsoliPiazza Stenditoio Castellammare del Golfo

18.08 SissiMunicipal Amphitheater Zafferana Etnea

19.08 AriesSmall Urban Park Bagheria

19.08 The TraviataAncient Theater of Taormina

19.08 TananaiMunicipal Amphitheater Zafferana Etnea

19.08 Fiorella MannoiaGreek Theater Syracuse

20.08 AriesVilla Bellini Catania

20.08 Fiorella MannoiaBagheria Station Square

20.08 TananaiLucio Dalla Partanna Theater

20.08 Carmen ConsoliNoto Cathedral Staircase

20.08 Fabrizio MoroMunicipal Amphitheater Zafferana Etnea

21.08 Rocco HuntMunicipal Amphitheater Zafferana Etnea

21.08 Aida (Sicilian Philharmonic and Mediterranean Lyric Choir), Ancient Theater of Taormina

21.08 Fiorella MannoiaLucio Dalla Partanna Theater

22.08 Fabrizio MoroFinal Urban Park of Pollina

22.08 Rocco HuntLucio Dalla Partanna Theater

23.08 The four seasons of VivaldiAncient Theater of Taormina

25.08 CassandraAncient Theater of Taormina

25.08 Venditti and De GregoriVelodrome Palermo

25.08 Saint JohnPiazza Libertà Ragusa

26.08 Tommaso ParadisoAncient Theater of Taormina

26.08 Capo PlazaVilla Bellini Catania

27.08 Tommaso ParadisoValley of the Temples Agrigento

27.08 Saint JohnVilla Bellini Catania

27/28.08 Venditti and De GregoriAncient Theater of Taormina

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28.08 Saint JohnCampofelice di Roccella

29.08 Renzo Arbore and the Italian OrchestraAncient Theater of Taormina

30.08 La BohèmeAncient Theater of Taormina

31.08 PreludesAncient Theater of Taormina


01.09 Luis TomlinsonAncient Theater of Taormina

01.09 ElisaValley of the Temples Agrigento

02.09 Gilda ButtàAncient Theater of Taormina

02.09 MelodyVilla Bellini Catania

03.09 Choirs from OperaAncient Theater of Taormina

03.09 ElisaGreek Theater Syracuse

03.09 MelodyValley of the Temples Agrigento

03.09 MannarinoVilla Bellini Catania

04.09 MannarinoTeatro di Verdura Palermo

04.09 Carmen ConsoliAncient Theater of Taormina

05.09 ElisaAncient Theater of Taormina

07.09 Drusilla FoerTeatro di Verdura Palermo

07.09 The mysterious flame of Queen LoanaAncient Theater of Taormina

08.09 “The masks of the Italian theater” awardAncient Theater of Taormina

08.09 Carl BraveSmall Urban Park Bagheria

09.09 Carl BraveVilla Bellini Catania

09.09 CoezValley of the Temples Agrigento

10.09 CoezVilla Bellini Catania

10.09 Drusilla FoerValley of the Temples Agrigento

10.09 Angelo PintusAncient Theater of Taormina

11.09 A Girl for the CinemaAncient Theater of Taormina

12.09 Maurizio BattistaAncient Theater of Taormina

13.09 Drusilla FoerAncient Theater of Taormina

16.09 Francesco GabbaniTeatro di Verdura Palermo

16.09 HerniaSmall Urban Park Bagheria

16.09 Dargen D’AmicoCous Cous Fest San Vito Lo Capo

17.09 HerniaVilla Bellini Catania

17/18.09 Eros RamazzottiValley of the Temples Agrigento

18.09 Francesco GabbaniAncient Theater of Taormina

23.09 Cna eveningAncient Theater of Taormina

24.09 Marco MasiniAncient Theater of Taormina

24.09 AnastasiaMetropolitan Theater Catania

24.09 Umberto TozziTeatro di Verdura Palermo

25.09 Umberto TozziAncient Theater of Taormina

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