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Landshut – As poor as the past few months in terms of culture and without an audience, the next few weeks could be full of culture: In addition to the concerts, cabaret evenings and co. From private organizers, the “Landshut Cultural Summer” is just around the corner. Funded by the federal government, around 40 events are to be added with free admission.

This large number of appointments creates immense challenges for everyone involved in the organization. And not everyone is 100 percent happy with all of this. Because the private organizers say, with all due understanding for the federal funding program: How much culture can a city tolerate? How big is the audience in Landshut to cover all these events? And to what extent do the free events compete with those for which entry is required? Exactly the concerts, some of which had to be postponed this summer from 2020?

Beata Marti: “That went badly”

Beata Marti, for example, speaks of a “dilemma”, who, together with her husband Bernhard Hirtreiter, will organize a series of concerts in the courtyard of the Franciscan monastery again this year. What she finds a shame: That the federal government has excluded already planned cultural events from funding in its funding guidelines.

Landshut receives 240,000 euros from the federal government for new cultural events, the city has to raise 60,000 euros from its own resources. “It would have been nice if the private organizers had also been given funding,” says Marti. After all, there is a lot of effort in the organization that takes a lot of time – all the events have been fixed for months and are now not being funded. “That went badly,” says Marti.

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Uta Spies, City Commissioner for Culture, expresses understanding for the private organizers, some of whom are groaning under the burden of the additional free concerts and events. But Spies also says that the “Landshut Culture Festival” is a “unique opportunity” to bring as much culture as possible to the largest possible audience.

Lots of new events in a short time

Nevertheless, she also admits that organizing the many new events in the city is a challenge in such a short time. “It’s all extremely short-term,” admits Spies. But this is the case in all 127 municipalities and districts that have been promised federal funding. Some cities plan their events from day to day. The federal government is investing around 30 million euros in culture this year – in addition to stimulating the cultural scene again, as Spies says.

At the moment there is a lot of phone calls from the city administration, a lot of organization, and many artists are asked whether they have time. “Everything in flux” could also be said right now: every day there are new things, new appointments. Spies emphasizes that you should consult with local organizers – about dates and the type of event. “We also want to explicitly cover areas that are not served by the others,” says Spies.

The big concerts of the cultural festival with free admission should also be held in September, so as not to compete with the big concerts of the local organizers. However, there are also dates during the summer holidays: “After that, we will know whether people will also attend events during the holidays,” says Spies. What she also hopes and wishes for: That people dare to dare cultural experiments, visit areas with free admission that would otherwise not be on their cultural agenda.

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“Artist is a profession like any other”

Spies understands Beata Marti’s objection that the federal government could have included existing events of the local organizers in the funding – but the city is bound by the funding requirements.

“The audience in Landshut is not infinite”, Marti also says – at some point people will be saturated, also culturally. Marti calls the initiative of the federal government “not quite well thought out”; even if she naturally appreciates that so much money is spent on culture.

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“But it may also send the wrong signal to enable culture with free entry,” she says. Art does not exist for free, this signal suggests that artists would appear for free without any major problems. “But being an artist is a job like any other – you don’t just do it on the side,” says the singer.

You now have to see whether you can get all the events – with and without admission – under one roof this summer.

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