Suicide in pretrial detention in Marseille, the family wants to file a complaint


A former teacher, who suffered from depression according to his lawyer, committed suicide in his cell at Baumettes prison in Marseille where he was in pre-trial detention, AFP learned on Wednesday (August 12) from corroborating sources.

His family, who believes that the alerts on his depressive state have not been taken into account, wants to file a complaint for manslaughter and non-assistance to a person in danger, said his lawyer, Me Louise Lanata, confirming information from the newspaper The Marseillaise.

This 51-year-old former math teacher has “been discovered dead by hanging“Sunday August 2 in Baumettes where he had been imprisoned since July 1 pending trial, said the Marseille prosecutor’s office and the prison administration of the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region. “An investigation to find the causes of death is open“, Marseille prosecutor Dominique Laurens told AFP.

He allegedly punctured his physiotherapist’s tires seven times between May and June

The fifty-year-old, who had been declared unfit and took early retirement due to his depression, was accused of having punctured his physiotherapist’s tires seven times between May and June. He was being sued for “damage and possession of weapons“, According to a source close to the investigation. At the end of his police custody on June 26, he was left free and placed under judicial supervision, explains his lawyer. But two days later, he reiterated the facts and was arrested by neighbors.

During his second police custody, the man who admitted the facts and explained these gestures by “obsessive-compulsive disorder», Reports Me Lanata, was this time taken into custody in early July. Psychiatric expertise “which, as too often, could not take place quickly”, Should have been examined during a release hearing on July 28. But on that date, the man had still not been examined by a psychiatrist and had been kept in detention, lamented his lawyer. The examination of the case had been postponed until the end of August 2020, according to the prosecution.

«My client could not bear to go back to prison and did not understand this decision», Lamented Me Lanata. The lawyer explains having alerted the court at the hearing “suicide risk“, Which would have replied,”that he would not give in to suicide blackmail». «This detainee had reported a state of depression and a follow-up was put in place“, For his part said the prosecutor of Marseille.


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