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Sugamo Junior and Senior High School (Toshima-ku, Tokyo) aims to develop English proficiency so that discussions can be held on an equal footing with people in leadership positions around the world. To that end, while conducting lessons that emphasize accurate reading and grammar skills, we have prepared various international educational programs to test the abilities acquired in those lessons and motivate students. We covered the development of daily English instruction and international education.

Learning English with an emphasis on accurate reading

“I want you to be able to read and write English dissertations and have equal discussions with people who are in the leadership position of society,” says Professor Okada, the chief of the English department.

“English communication skills are understood in English with foreigners.

There is a tendency to be able to talk to, but what we are aiming for is different. I want you to be able to read and write English dissertations and have equal discussions with people who are in the leadership position of society.It ’s basic

And learning grammar is essential. Our English lessons start from there, “says Hidemasa Okada, the chief of the English department.

English classes in junior high school are basically 7 hours a week, of which 4 hours are for reading, 2 hours for English composition, and 1 hour for communication. In middle 3, communication classes will be online English conversation. There are 22 full-time and part-time English teachers in middle and high school, three of whom are native teachers, and each teacher prepares textbooks, original reading materials, and prints for learning, and the individuality and interests of each class.・ Provide guidance according to your interests.

Mr. Marutani of the English department telling the students, “Please derail the class more and more.”

Marutani of the English department who is in charge of the “math class” in the middle 3 that gathered the top performers in mathematics etc.

The teacher talks about how to proceed with his lessons. “There are some essential grammatical items such as infinitives, participles, and relative pronouns for accurate reading comprehension, and we focus on these. Especially, math class students learn based on theory. Because I am good at, I try to explain grammatical matters carefully. “

As reading materials, we will prepare reading materials dealing with various problems of modern society in addition to novels to arouse the intellectual curiosity of students. “From my experience, I know that if you train your grammar and vocabulary through reading comprehension, you will gain the ability to compose English sentences, and your listening and speaking skills will improve at once. It ’s one of the best ways to put it on. ”

Deepen your understanding of English grammar by stating the reason for your answer

English class of “math class” where questions are actively asked

On October 13th, I interviewed Professor Marutani’s English class held in the “Math Class” of Group 3A. The content of the lesson on this day is a reading on the theme of relative pronouns.

First, a word test is conducted based on the word collection “Introduction to Fast-Reading English Words” (Z-kai), which is often used to prepare for university entrance exams. While answering on the spot, “Do you understand why the noun form of occupation means” occupation “? For example, work occupies most of life in terms of time.” Marutani explains.

The students then took out a print called “Strength Exercise”. Questions for understanding grammatical matters with example sentences are lined up. It was specially created by Professor Marutani for the “math class”.

Students have solved lesson-related problems as homework with the prints. The nominated student will also explain why the relative pronouns that apply to the blanks in the example sentences are “that” or “which”, and “why not” but “that”. I will deepen my understanding of the structure of the sentence while explaining myself, “It’s that because the antecedent has only” and “Because the verb is are, there must be multiple antecedents.”

Among them, the students asked questions one after another, such as “Is this first time a first time?” “Matters is a noun called” … “.” Dr. Marutani calls on the students, “If you’re thinking something different from what I’m saying, say it right away. Let’s think together. It’s interesting again.”

Regarding questions during class, Professor Marutani says, “I’m telling the students to derail the class more and more.” “It’s not just passive learning that just writes what you hear in a notebook, but the act of thinking and asking questions with your own mind, listening to other people’s questions and thinking for yourself, that makes what you learn more memorable.”

Noda in this class

You are said to have been interested in the word “core meaning” in Professor Marutani’s English class. “By knowing the core meaning, I thought it would be easier to remember the words. Also, when speaking English, I said,’You should say what you want to say first, and then connect the reasons.’ I learned that and used it for online English conversation. ”

Online lectures in collaboration with other schools by inviting overseas lecturers

Professor James Thomas giving a special class in the online course “Double Helix”

The school has a number of international education programs that will allow you to demonstrate the power you have acquired in these English classes. So far, we have held a summer school at Eton College, a prestigious public school in the UK, and a domestic training program called “Negamo Summer School (SSS)” that invites graduates from prestigious overseas universities to instructors. It is a member of the Education Federation “World Reading Schools Association (WLSA)”.

SSS was forced to be canceled from last year to this year due to the corona disaster, but instead, an original online course “English Helix (DH)” by overseas instructors was held for high school students, and debates, discussions, presentations, etc. were held. All are conducted in English. DH means “double helix” and means to improve higher-order thinking while relating it to the quantity and quality of knowledge.

This year, from March 14th to April 11th, 50 high school students from 7 schools, Toho Komaba, Hiroo Gakuen, Ichikawa, Kotomo, Toyoshimaoka, Washoku Gakuen, and Nanzan Girls’ Club, were invited to the DH hosted by the school. , Four English teachers specializing in the fields of art, language, medicine, immunity, and history, one French teacher living in the UK, and teachers from each school collaborated to give an original special class.

Currently enrolled in the doctoral program at Oxford University in the UK, at Keio University School of Medicine in Japan.

Dr. James Thomas, who has experience in the field, gave a lesson to compare medical systems around the world and consider measures against the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Participating students wrote their opinions in English, asked questions to the instructor, and collaborated with students from other schools to give presentations in English.

“We valued the process of students working together to deepen their thoughts. The experience of exchanging opinions in English will be alive when we start working in an international team in the future. It should come, “says Professor Okada.

High 2 Takubo with experience of participating in SSS

You said, “I was looking forward to participating in DH because I wanted to make use of the English I trained in SSS. I often write English reports in class, so it was okay to write, but a presentation that speaks in public. I wanted to further improve my power, “he said. “In addition, I realized that it is important for me to take the lead, leave it to others, listen to the wishes of the other person, and respond flexibly.”

According to Professor Okada, the goal of Sugamo’s English and international education is to develop human resources who can realize such “global mobility”, even though learning is done in Japan, but the place of activity is open to the world. “By learning from first-class instructors, I want you to grow into a human resource who has a high sense of thought and responsibility and leads the society. I sympathize with the philosophy of our school, and overseas instructors and teachers from other schools gather at SSS and DH. He gave me a solid response to the growth of the students who have participated in the international education programs so far. “

Since the spring DH was well received, it is planned to have a five-day DH for medical aspirants in July next year. It is expected that high quality English and international education will further grow the students.

(Text: Keiko Adachi Photo: Support for junior high school exams Partial photo courtesy of: Sugamo Junior and Senior High School)

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